By Joey Nolfi
February 19, 2020 at 09:01 AM EST

Former child star Justin Bieber is now a fully grown, married man with a mustache and, judging by the lyrics to his new single “Yummy,” a full set of functioning taste buds, but his nose still struggles over the mysteries of “Smelly Cat.”

In support of his most recent album Changes, the Canadian singer appeared on Tuesday night’s edition of Carpool Karaoke with Late Late Show host James Corden, during which he discussed being a fan of the beloved NBC sitcom Friends and the iconic, feline-themed song performed by Lisa Kudrow.

After revealing that he and wife Hailey Baldwin enjoy binge-watching the series, Corden proposed that Bieber add “Smelly Cat” to his tour setlist, which inspired Bieber to give the song an R&B-leaning, beatbox remix.

“Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?” the pair sang, closing the tune out by dabbing. “Smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault.”

Bieber also revealed which Friends characters he most identifies with, including David Schwimmer’s Ross (“I’m very sensitive,” he said) and Matthew Perry’s Chandler (“I’d like to say I’m a little witty,” Bieber added).

Other highlights from Bieber’s Carpool Karaoke episode include a discussion about that time he challenged Tom Cruise to a fight (which led to an arm wrestling match with Corden), working through new choreography to “Yummy,” and performances of hit songs like “I Don’t Care,” “Love Yourself,” and “One Less Lonely Girl.”

Watch Bieber’s full Carpool Karaoke session above.

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