Take Your Choice
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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Sunday’s Batwoman episode, titled “Take Your Choice.”

Earth-Prime is down one Kane sister.

In Sunday’s episode of Batwoman, Beth and Alice’s (both played excellently by Rachel Skarsten) started dying because Earth-Prime couldn’t handle the existence of two Beth Kanes, no matter how different they were. Eventually, it fell on Kate to decide which one they would save using Mary’s blood, which contained the miraculous serum from the Coryana desert rose. In the end, Kate chose Beth, but went and sat with Alice in what she believed were her final moments.

At the same time, Luke took Beth to a motel because the Crows were hunting Alice and believed Beth was her. Unfortunately, Mouse’s father — who’s been masquerading as Dr. Ethan Campbell (Sebastian Roché) this entire time — followed them and sniped Beth down, because he too thought she was Alice. So, Beth died in Luke’s arms, and Alice ended up surviving, much to Kate’s surprise and horror. Camrus Johnson, who plays Luke, was also surprised by the ending when he read the script for the first time.

“The fact that Luke got to have someone die in his arms is pretty crazy to me,” Camrus Johnson told reporters at a screening of the episode on Thursday. “That’s the most emotional thing that’s happened to him this season so far, so when I saw that I freaked out. Also, the moment where [Kate] chooses Beth over Alice was heartbreaking. I think Rachel really delivered today. But yeah, when [I was done reading it], I just realized this [was] going to be one of the saddest episodes so far, if not the saddest episode so far.”

For one, Johnson is sad that they won’t get to explore the brief spark of romance between Luke and Beth. “It was interesting. They sprinkled it in a little bit. Then when reading it, I was like, ‘Oh, what was that?’ And then [Beth] had that moment of [where she asked Kate], ‘What’s Luke’s deal?’ which is really cool,” Johnson said.

More significantly, though, Luke’s father Lucius Fox passed away very recently and that still weighs heavily on him, as we saw earlier in the season. “It’s crazy that Luke lost his father not too long ago, and he was already sort of blaming himself for that. And then now he’s got this other death where it literally happened on his watch. It was his job to get her to safety and then she died quite literally in his arms. So it’s just a whole other batch of guilt, like it’s a whole other death that happened, sort of in his mind, on his hands,” he said.

Take Your Choice
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Looking ahead, Luke will try “different coping mechanisms,” said Johnson. “He will try to distract himself, he’ll try to distract Kate. But then one moment, he’s taking it on himself and then he’s acting like it’s not his fault. So you see that he doesn’t really deal with things very often. I think it took six episodes for him to even talk about what happened to his dad. It took five or six full episodes for him to like explain the night that happened. So it takes a lot for him to open up, and this is such a current big thing that happens to him. At first, I think he’s gonna sort of act like he’s okay, but I think eventually, it’s really gonna start to hit him.”

But will Kate blame him for what happened? “No, I don’t think so. I’m not sure how Kate deep down feels about it because she did say, ‘Luke, go take care and make sure she’s okay,’ and he didn’t. But I think knowing Kate and knowing Luke, I think they’re both women themselves. I think everyone blames himself in the situation. And the thing about Kate is you can only imagine that she wanted to save Alice her whole life and then got a chance to see her and then saved Beth instead, and then Beth died. So then she failed both of them at the same time. So, there’s no way that she could blame Luke because that’s just double the amount of blame for herself that she’s probably feeling.”

Luke needs to watch his back because Alice also knows who he is now after meeting him earlier in the episode when she limped into Wayne Enterprises building and met Beth. “Look out for future danger in that in that case because of that reason,” Johnson cautioned.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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