Diamond talked to EW about that nasty fight and what happened when Carlton contacted her later.
Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

Warning: spoilers ahead for episode 4 of Netflix’s new reality dating series Love Is Blind.

First comes literal blind dates, and the next step was supposed to be marriage. But for one couple who got engaged sight unseen on Love Is Blind, Netflix‘s latest reality dating experiment series, their “happy” ending was more explosive breakup than a walk down the aisle.

Netflix dropped the first five episodes of Love Is Blind on Friday, and for the first couple episodes, singles went on “dates” in pods where they couldn’t see who was on the other side. All they could do was hear their voice and have conversations. After just a few days, one couple was the first to trade “I love you’s” and get engaged, and pretty soon after, five more couples joined them. Once couples got engaged, they were allowed to finally see their betrothed for the first time before being whisked away immediately to Mexico for a pre-wedding honeymoon. On the first night in Mexico, Carlton revealed to his new fiancée Diamond a secret he had been holding back throughout all their getting-to-know-you dates and engagement: he had dated both women and men in the past.

Diamond clearly was thrown off guard since she believed she knew all the important parts of Carlton before getting engaged, so she spent the night in her own room and took time to process his confession. The next day, he approached her by the pool and an explosive fight followed that turned into him throwing out some brutally mean insults at her as she walked off.

EW got Diamond to break down exactly what happened, give her side of the story, find out if she and Carlton have continued a relationship offscreen, and more.

Love Is Blind
Credit: Netflix

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Obviously things did not… end well, but tell me in your own words how your relationship story played out with Carlton.
Carlton and I definitely made a connection. It was sweet. It was very nice. It was warm. It was everything that I was hoping for that I’d find on Love Is Blind. Carlton was my main choice, the person I made the most connection with. I was really starting to take it very serious and I wanted it to move forward into something bigger and better. I was hoping and praying for that. But as you saw it didn’t quite work out that way.

Did you ever have any reservations about the relationship before the proposal?
I will say that going into the show, it’s hard to be vulnerable. I opened my heart up to Carlton and I decided to be vulnerable and allow him into my heart and into my feelings. Initially, I was hesitant. I didn’t want to give too much. I didn’t know if he was all in. As time went on, we started to make this true connection, I knew that he was the one I wanted to possibly marry. I was all in. I was ready to keep our relationship strong and build it and make an empire.

How about after the engagement before the big blow up happened? Did you see any red flags?
Before we left for Mexico, I was feeling fine. It’s so funny, I’m very connected to energy and vibes and reading people, I felt like something’s not right. I did not know what it was. I could just tell that he was holding back something. As we arrived in Mexico, Carlton revealed his secret and I did not have a clue before that. I felt something was wrong initially but I didn’t want to overthink and I felt myself really falling in love with Carlton. Then that whole thing blew up and it proved that listen to your heart — something was telling me something’s not right and I read it. I felt his energy.

After he revealed the he has had past bisexual relationships, what were your initial thoughts?
To be perfectly honest with you, I was shocked. I was more so hurt than anything but honestly I felt like, is this a joke? And then he started crying and being very emotional and I knew he was being serious and it was something that was hard for him to come forward and tell me this. I was very hurt by it. I was shocked. It was a whole bunch of emotions. I didn’t know how to cope with it. I just needed my space. I didn’t know what to think or say and I knew I didn’t want to say the wrong things because I knew how he was really opening up and that’s what I want. I want someone to tell me their secrets and everything. This is what I asked for and I was appreciative that he was able to do that. I just feel like it was wrong timing. Honestly. It should have been expressed sooner. But I know it’s hard to express that initially because you don’t want people to make judgements about you or think of you in a certain way. I totally understand why he would have done that. But from my perspective, I wish he would have put himself in my shoes and say, maybe I should tell her sooner before actually getting engaged and possibly walking down the aisle.

That’s how it came across onscreen, that you weren’t upset about him having relationships with men in the past but rather that he didn’t tell you before getting engaged.
Yes, exactly! That’s how it was for me and I hope everyone sees that too.

What did you think of the way the conversation changed into a full-out argument and breakup so fast?
I really thought that Carlton should have respected how I felt. He was really aggressive in saying how he felt and I feel like I didn’t get to truly express how I felt and say what I wanted to say. I hope it wasn’t taken the wrong way but I think that’s what happened. I was just trying to explain to him and I wasn’t trying to attack him or make him feel some type of way or make him feel belittled. I wanted him to understand my perspective and we couldn’t come to an understanding. Before I knew it, things became disrespectful and with the disrespect, I reacted in a way I wish I would have never done but emotions were running high and I was disrespected. And so it blew up way bigger than I thought. But it happened and I do apologize for my reaction — I wish I would have handled it a little differently but I’m human and I had a natural reaction to how I felt and I had to stand up for myself. I haven’t watched the episode yet but I’ve seen the trailer and I saw that it made it in for sure. I thought it maybe might get cut but I guess not!

It was difficult to watch him manipulate the conversation into making it sound like you were rejecting him for his past when really you were hurt that he wasn’t honest before proposing. How did you feel in the moment when that was happening?
In the moment, we both had emotions running really high. It could have gone better. It was a lot to deal with but it happened and I learned a lot from it. I hope he did too. It’s important to be up front and honest with the person that you are going out with or are about to marry. Any relationship, blindfolded or not, you should always be honest. Honesty is key.

Did you ever expect Carlton to hurl those insults he said to you at the end of your fight, especially about your hair? That got so hurtful.
No. No, I did not. I didn’t know what to expect when Carlton walked up. Over the night I thought a lot about that and trying to understand why he had held that back and put myself in his shoes. I didn’t want to hurt him and mislead him but deep down in my heart I had to tell him the truth that this wasn’t what I was looking for and I hoped he would have been able to understand that. I hoped we could still be friends because the connection we made was real. But it was surprising to me the things he was saying. I’m glad this happened now and not after the wedding. I do not stand for that. You will not disrespect me ever in life like that. I’m happy it did happen before and not later in our marriage.

Do you think there was any way for you to have seen this coming in the pods or did the experiment not allow you to fully see all sides of Carlton before meeting in person?
There were certain characteristics in Carlton that I thought were wonderful. He knows what he wants and he will definitely tell you. He’s outspoken and aggressive in telling me how he felt. Maybe I should have looked more into it but I never saw that as a bad thing or warning signs.

What do you think the experiment proved, if anything?
I loved the experiment. A lot of people are going to have thoughts and say things about it but I thought it was very exciting. I wanted to find true love and make a connection and that’s everyone’s motives who went on the show, to find a husband or wife. The outcome can be really beautiful if you have those intentions. The experiment itself was wonderful and I love how everything played out. I wouldn’t have changed anything, honestly. I’m so happy I tried something new and was vulnerable and show that to the world. I don’t have any regrets. I hope more people do this show and take a leap of faith. Trust and have faith that something good can happen for you because it almost happened for me. This connection with Carlton was definitely real. I know it didn’t work out for me but just because it didn’t happen for me doesn’t mean it won’t happen for everyone else. We all have our own love journey and journey in life.

At the start of filming, what were you told by producers about the process of getting engaged and what that means in terms of actually making it to the altar since you and Carlton were the first couple to get engaged and then break up? Where there any consequences?
We were told that if we were to find a connection that we could walk down the aisle and get married. They did tell us that once you get engaged there is a possibility that we would get married and that’s the next step for the show, however, we’re human and we have choices. If we knew this wasn’t the right person for you, you did not have to do anything. They didn’t hold us to anything. It was really about making that connection with that person. We had choices to say yes or no.

Have you been in contact with Carlton since the big blow up on the show?
Carlton and I were able to establish a friendship after the show. But it took a very long time for myself. Carlton reached out to me on several occasions. I wasn’t ready. I had to put that behind me and remind myself that he was a good person despite what happened on the show and don’t hold grudges. I finally reached back out to him after he made several attempts to reach out to me and it started out as small talk, like happy birthday or happy new year or hope all is well. He did apologize. So I finally reached back out to him and we’ve had conversations.

The first five episodes of Love Is Blind are now streaming on Netflix.

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