Over on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon tried to learn the native pastime of another country. That pastime was hockey, that country was Canada, and his teacher was known Canadian Justin Bieber. It didn’t go so well.

Apparently one of Bieber’s many talents, other than being an internationally recognized singer at the age of 25, is being really good at hockey. That made Fallon’s ineptitude in this particular field even worse by comparison. Fallon wasn’t able to skate standard paths across the rink, let alone play a game of backhanded shots and backhanded compliments (they took turns performing backhanded shots while giving each other backhanded compliments).

Bieber released his fifth album, titled Changes, on Friday and the segment coincided with it. Perhaps that was the biggest motivation for Bieber: finish new music and you get to film a video in which you humiliate Fallon on the ice.

Watch the hockey practice in the clip above.

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