By Lynette Rice
February 13, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST

Newsflash: Caitriona Balfe doesn’t picture Sam Heughan — much less Sophie Skelton or Richard Rankin — when reading the Outlander books. And apparently, she’s not the only one who thinks of anyone but her costars.

“My Jamie looks a lot more like me,” claims Rankin proudly.

In EW’s latest addition of Around the Table, the dynamic leads of Outlander — together with Executive Producer Maril Davis — discuss the newest season of their Starz drama and some of its more unique challenges, like the frigid weather and the, ahem, challenges of working with small children. Balfe also reflects on the show’s success in not only mastering the art of the female gaze but showing “a couple balanced and equally enjoying each other.” In other words, don’t expect Claire and Jamie’s time in the bedroom to come to a close just because they are grandparents!

Skelton and Rankin also playfully spar over Jamie’s treatment of Roger, and the actors reveal what life can sometimes be like for them when they are out of costume and in line at the grocery store. For Balfe, it particular, it can be a little humiliating.

EW has lots of content planned for the fifth season of Outlander. Besides our weekly recaps and post-mortem interviews with Executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts and the stars, we’ll continue to do our weekly recap show for SiriusXM. And you don’t have to tune in live to catch it!

Outlander…On Demand! can be found on the SiriusXM app every Monday starting Feb. 17. Just search the name of the show. And make sure to follow @lynetterice for all the latest news from Fraser’s Ridge.

Outlander returns Feb. 16 to Starz.

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