Warning: This article contains spoilers for Schitt’s Creek season 6, episode 6, “The Wingman.”

Alexis and Ted face another speed bump on their road to romantic bliss in the final season of Schitt’s Creek. After the fiasco that was the Crows Have Eyes 3 premiere in their small town, Alexis (Annie Murphy) was able to spin the whole thing as a perfectly executed PR stunt that went viral, and now she’s flourishing in her self-started publicity gig. But does she step away from it all to be with Ted (Dustin Milligan) in the Galapagos Islands, or does she stay at home and ride the wave of good press?

Ultimately, both lovers agree it would be for the best if Alexis stayed in Schitt’s Creek, extending their time apart by months. So, where do they go from here? Based on a glimpse in the trailer, we do know that Ted will be making a return trip home at some point. But the decision still stings.

“[Alexis has] found her calling, and she’s doing a great job at work for the first time as an independent working woman,” Murphy says on the latest episode of EW On Set: Schitt’s Creek, which takes listeners behind the making of the comedy’s final season. “I think she’s also realizing that her family is counting on her, needs her in town. And she also realizes that her being there in Ted’s work environment wouldn’t be helpful to Ted. She realizes it wouldn’t benefit either of them.”

The decision was made more difficult for Alexis in light of the response from Moira (Catherine O’Hara). “Her mother’s approval is something that she’s been striving, whether she’d like to admit it or not, for 31 years, and I feel like this is one of the first instances of that,” Murphy says. During a morning show interview about the Crows stunt, Moira brings Alexis on camera with her. It’s a rare moment for Mrs. Rose to share a screen with anybody, and “it doesn’t go unnoticed by Alexis,” according to Murphy. “For me, personally, to get to sit on Catherine O’Hara’s lap for the better portion of a day was a dream.”

Ted wants Alexis to be with him, but he agrees she wouldn’t care much for the trail of fire ants that invade his abode on a routine basis — never mind the shared bathroom situation. “To me, that’s what makes this entire relationship on this show so beautiful,” Milligan says. “We are fighting for love between two people who shouldn’t fit together. Seemingly, they are like oil and water, but there is this attraction. There’s something, as much as Alexis is very selfish with an edge a lot of the time and Ted is the antithesis of that, both of them have this inherent sweetness.”

In happier news, Patrick (Noah Reid) and David (series co-creator Dan Levy) had a run-in with bats-for-both-teams Jake (Steve Lund), who invited them over to have some “whiskey” and… other things. “All of this stuff is uncharted territory,” Reid says of Patrick. “So he, through David guiding him a little bit, is realizing, ‘There are possibilities I haven’t really considered here. Is that something that we’re interested in doing? I don’t know.’ Super-uncomfortable, but also a little bit exciting.”

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