Pete Davidson‘s debut Netflix comedy special Alive From New York will drop on Feb. 25, and a first look clip shows the star discussing the complexity of gay friendships. Recorded live from New York’s Gramercy Theater, Davidson jokes about the inappropriate behavior of one of his gay friends who thinks he gets a pass to touch women inappropriately because of his sexual orientation.

“It’s that gay dude that’ll like run up on your girlfriend, and like squeeze her boobs, and like slap her ass, and be like, ‘Damn girl, you look great!'” the Saturday Night Live star says in the video preview. “I don’t find that f—ing funny like at all, I’m sorry. Like, I’m all for gayness, you know. It doesn’t mean I’m against gayness.”

He adds, “It’s just like you just get to slap ass on a technicality?”

Davidson was in the news in December after fans from various U.S. cities posted copies of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) they were reportedly asked to sign before attending his comedy shows. It was revealed that the NDA’s were requested because Davidson was shooting his Netflix comedy special. Reps for Davidson nor Netflix responded to request for comments at the time.

The comedian most recently starred in an SNL skit alongside RuPaul that saw him transformed into a drag queen.

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