Sparks flew between Nicole Scherzinger and Thingamajig (a.k.a. Victor Oladipo) last season on The Masked Singer, but their chemistry might not translate into beautiful music together. Instead, the panelist and Pussycat Doll has another contestant in mind when it comes to collaborations — season 1 champion, T-Pain.

“He’s a star in his own right and he’s super talented,” Scherzinger tells EW. “I’ve actually never done a collaboration with him. The Dolls would do a collaboration.”

In the show’s first installment, the rapper’s singing blew away the competition as Monster. Given Scherzinger and T-Pain’s R&B and pop sensibilities, as well as their track record for creating hits, a musical collaboration from the two makes a lot of sense.

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Another Masked Singer winner that Scherzinger says she wants to work with is Wayne Brady, whose Fox-y ways earned him the crown on season 2.

“I’ve gotten to share the Hollywood Bowl stage with him, and I think he’s just an absolute genius,” Scherzinger adds. “I’m over the moon that he did our show. I’d love to be able to maybe do maybe a musical or a Broadway show with him or a movie musical with Wayne.”

With each season, the masked celebrities have gotten bigger and bigger. Case in point: the first person eliminated on the current installment was none other than rap superstar Lil Wayne, who performed as Robot.

Audiences have really taken to The Masked Singer, with hordes of fans tweeting their celebrity guesses every week. However, Scherzinger reveals that before it aired, she wasn’t even sure if people would watch the show, which came stateside after numerous international versions became hits.

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“It’s that little engine that could. We didn’t know if people would take well to the show,” she said. “We just knew that it was massive and bonkers in Asia and an internet phenomenon on YouTube, but for it to have really gotten its legs here and to continue to break records with the amount of viewers — I think it was over 20 million viewers the other night after the Super Bowl — it’s been mind blowing for us.”

“We’re so grateful because we really are like a family,” Scherzinger continues. “Me and my other three panelists and [host] Nick Cannon, we all just get along so well. We love our job and it’s not like going to work, it’s just going to have fun and hanging out with your friends. It’s great that it’s real family fun for everyone.”

Catch a new episode of The Masked Singer Wednesday night when Cannon, Scherzinger, and fellow panelists Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy are joined by special guest Leah Remini. On this special Valentine’s Day finals edition, each Group A contestant will bring out a clue to one of the panelists in the form of a handmade Valentine.

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