Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw, and Daniel Curtis Lee are declassifying their epic reunion with exciting news.

By Sydney Bucksbaum
February 12, 2020 at 02:59 PM EST

Ned, Moze, and Cookie are all grown up and back together… for a reboot?!

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’s main BFF trio reunited over the weekend and thankfully, they’re declassifying their epic get together by sharing photos on Instagram. Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw, and Daniel Curtis Lee all posted incredible photos of their hangout on social media, but their captions are potentially more exciting than pics of their reunion — because they’re teasing a potential reboot series of the popular Nickelodeon show.


“My heart is so full after seeing my Ned’s family!! Really excited at the possibility of creating with you all again,” Shaw, who played Jennifer “Moze” Mosely, wrote on Instagram. “Also, remember when I used to be like a foot taller than you both? I feel like somehow the light in all of our eyes is still the same…and that’s really comforting and special to me. Love you all!”

Further stoking the flames of a potential reboot is Lee, who played Simon “Cookie” Nelson-Cook. “Ned’s Declassified Family Reunion!” he wrote, with an emoji of a cookie. “Uncle Cookies’s back in the building with Ned and Moze! So much love in the room!” And then he wrote “Re-” followed by the emoji of a boot.

And Werkheiser shared his own version of the reunion with goofy photos of the “OG BFFs.”

Is a Ned’s Declassified reboot actually happening, or are the stars just trying to drum up excitement to help get a revival off the ground? Either way, it’s clear that all three of them are down for a potential new series which is amazing on its own. But what would a Ned’s Declassified series look like now with the BFFs all grown up? Would it be Ned’s Declassified College Survival Guide? Ned’s Declassified Yuppie Survival Guide? Ned’s Declassified Adulthood Survival Guide? Hey Nickelodeon (and Netflix), feel free to use these titles! Call us if you want more ideas.

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide originally ran on Nickelodeon from 2004 – 2007. The single-cam comedy that frequently broke the fourth wall followed the three best friends as they navigated seventh and eighth grade, from schoolwork to popularity to relationships and more middle school struggles, as Ned constantly addressed viewers with tips on how to survive whatever he was going through at the time. And we definitely need more of those tips today, so hopefully a reboot actually happens.

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