Adrian Pimento is passionate, perverted, volatile, unhinged, unpredictable, and demented.

He’s also… back. And weirder than ever.

The former Nine-Nine detective — who incurred untold mental damage from an undercover stint in the mafia, who won Rosa’s off-beat heart, who had no love for Maggie the cashier, and who was last seen finding work as a security guard at a hand lotion store in season 5 — makes a surprise return to the precinct in Thursday’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) asks Jake (Andy Samberg) and Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) for help because he says that someone is trying to murder him. But perhaps you shouldn’t take him at face value, because, well, he’s one paranoid Pimento, but also because he tells Jake and Charles that he woke up in a pool of his own blood next to a chair with a dent in it that happened to be the same shape as his own head. And before he woke up, he was watching the season 2 premiere of The Masked Singer, and he had a pretty good idea of who the Egg is. The only problem? That season ended four months ago.

This can only mean one thing: Pimento and his television have somehow cosmically fused with a 151-million-times rebooted Derek, who is a singular point in space and yet, get this, Derek also contains space itself. Sorry, that just got super weird. No, as Jake excitedly hypothesizes, it means that “Pimento has Memento-disease.” Just make sure that you don’t forget to watch EW’s exclusive peek from “Pimemento” above before enjoying Adrian in full context when Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

Ever wonder what a Pimento-based spin-off of Brooklyn would look like? Co-creator Dan Goor teases his dream opening scene here.

Credit: John P. Fleenor/NBC

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