The star of “the Drag Race,” as Jimmy Fallon referred to RuPaul’s Drag Race, taught the Tonight Show host a thing or two on Thursday.

One of them was Dirty Charades. RuPaul wanted to play this game in which you play Charades per usual but with one word swapped for something “dirty.” The problem was nearly all of RuPaul’s suggestions were too dirty for network television. “I think I sent over 30 titles. The Standards and Practices [department] rejected every single one of them,” he said.

Well, not all of them. There was one that made the cut: Saturday Night Beaver. The drag queen superstar and soon-to-be Saturday Night Live host then showed Fallon exactly how Dirty Charades is done, henney!

RuPaul, in general, slew The Tonight Show, so much so that we should probably be talking about bringing back that RuPaul talk show — if he’d even have the time for it. “I’m doing everything, man,” RuPaul said later on. “I got a show in Vegas called RuPaul’s Drag Race Live, and then we’ve got something else. I’ve got a new album out called, um, You’re a Winner, Baby. And there’s something else I wanted to…” The fact that even RuPaul has trouble remembering everything he’s doing is priceless.

That other thing, as Fallon chimed in, is Netflix’s AJ and the Queen — which is hilarious that it slipped Mamma Ru’s mind since they just moments ago discussed his Vanity Fair cover shoot for AJ and the Queen. Then there’s RuPaul’s Drag Race proper, which will bring Nicki Minaj in as guest host for the next premiere. Fallon showed a clip of RuPaul renaming the show “Nick Minaj’s Drag Race.”

Watch above.

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