John Travolta / Kevin Hart
Credit: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage; Don Arnold/WireImage

John Travolta is about to become Kevin Hart’s action-movie Mr. Miyagi. (Or maybe his action-movie Mr. Kotter?)

Travolta will star opposite Hart in the Quibi action-comedy series Die Hart (first announced under the much less cool title Action Scene), which follows the comedian as a fictionalized version of himself who has tired of playing jokey sidekicks. When an A-list director offers Hart the chance to become a leading-man action star, he must first train at the world’s greatest action star school, run by a “lunatic” teacher (Travolta). Hart then faces a series of hilariously over-the-top action sequences as he strives to overcome his fears and land the role of a lifetime.

Die Hart is the first of several series to come produced by Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network in partnership with Quibi. The forthcoming streaming service, set to launch April 6, will feature “quick bites” of content, with episodes running 10 minutes or less. Further details (and footage) are finally emerging on Quibi’s vast slate of projects in development, which includes shows from such talent as Steven Spielberg, Hart’s BFF Dwayne Johnson, and Reese Witherspoon.

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