Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon must really love high kicks, which they muse about in their new silly funk song “High Kickin’.”

The pair gave themselves Timothée Chalamet bangs and sang about their obsession on The Tonight Show, as well as all the problems high kicking causes these days.

“Girls see us kicking, then ask us to leave,” Samberg sings. “Got fired from Footlocker for kickin’ my boss Steve.”

“Kicked out of my school, kicked out of the pool,” Fallon continues. “Kicked out of a church ’cause I broke the rules.”

Samberg just got back from the Sundance Film Festival, where he most certainly was not high kicking. His film, Palm Springs, broke a sales record for the fest by, yes, 69 cents. As Samberg explained it to Fallon, Neon and Hulu, which purchased the film, offered an amount of money for Palm Springs that would’ve matched the previous sales record. But, it was 5 o’clock in the morning, so Samberg’s producer Akiva Schaffer suggested they beat the sales record by exactly 69 cents. “Life is a joke,” Samberg exclaimed.

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