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Welcome back, armchair detectives!

As The Masked Singer heads into its season 3 finale this week, it’s time to break out those metaphorical magnifying glasses for one last time and sift through the clues to ascertain the true identities of the three remaining singers who survived from the show's initial 18 celebrity contestants.

The show gave fans a bit of a head start ahead of the season premiere, revealing that season 3 singers collectively have amassed 69 Grammy Award nominations, 88 Gold records, 11 Super Bowl appearances, three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, more than 160 tattoos, and one title in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra revealed to Variety that season 3’s clues would be even harder than before, and teased that they’re “trying a slightly different approach for how we do our clue packages.”

Not to worry, though: EW has compiled this master list of clues for every masked singer, which we've updated during each episode this season. Just remember — the show has a propensity to try and throw viewers off the scent, so keep your eyes open, your ears pricked, and guess along with us.


Clue package:

  • Clue package takes place on a track field, with a tortoise and the hare theme
  • “It felt like everyone around me was fighting tooth and nail for the dream, and I watched as many of those stars burned too brightly too quickly and then fizzled out. I’m the turtle because I’ve always taken it step by step” (a reference to the ’90s sitcom or New Kids on the Block song? Could be a former child star.)
  • He is seen waxing a surfboard (Is he a surfer or maybe someone who has won a Teen Choice Award?)
  • “After years of preparation, I would like to make a big splash,” he says, as he flips burgers on a grill
  • A menu with ginger snaps, slow-cooked beets, and dover sole is shown
  • Says people have always expected him to act a certain way, so maybe he is an actor?
  • A soda called “Pop” is on the table — could it be a reference to their genre of music?
  • Lots of school references
  • Says he wants to rebel, and then he pulls the fire alarm and plays air guitar
  • Writes “Don’t Rave Ever At My School – Turtle” over and over on a blackboard
  • His 9th grade biology teacher provides some clues, and she is surrounded by a chalkboard that has the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega and a heart on it. There are skulls, a picture of a butterfly, books, and other biology teacher items around her.
  • The teacher says she’s not surprised he ended up on the show, because he was always singing in her class, and he “was the most driven student I ever had”
  • A closeup of a map showing Seoul, South Korea is shown
  • A crystallized upside down bat is also given a closeup (yes, you read that right)
  • Says she ran into him last year and he recognized her, and to her, he was still the same “sweet, humble kid”
  • Says he realized to win he has to "become one with the turtle, like a method actor"
  • He also realized that you need to be more than just a good singer, so he added tons of dancing to his routine, despite the fact he is "not a dancer"
  • His super clue is a comic book with a drawing of him surrounded by lightning. The title is "The Amazing Adventures of Shellboy" and the sell price is $10.13. At the bottom it says, "Who's the hero under the mask?" Of the clue, he says, "I guess it won't hurt to give everyone a confession. This is not another teeny clue."
  • "My whole career I've been riddled with insecurities about not being good enough," he says, as he enters a lifesize chess match
  • Ken mentions Turtle might be a chess expert
  • There are two clocks next to the board — one is set to 3:23, and then suddenly it changes to 9:14
  • Says he always puts himself in last place, despite his "strategizing"
  • A giant red heart with a pink fluffy crown on it is shown
  • He takes the golden mask trophy that's in the background and replaces it with a stuffed ram
  • Says being the Turtle makes him feel like a superhero
  • He holds up a red wrench and starts to work on fixing a Jeep
  • There's a poster that says "Wanted: Reward $1999"
  • "With this newfound strength comes a great sense of duty," he says as a Batman-esque turtle signal flashes in the sky behind him
  • A green mop is shown
  • Drives off in the Jeep, which has a wedding cake in it
  • Poker chips are seen on the ground
  • "Look, we've all taken hard hits in life. We all have demons to battle. And I know it may sound corny, but I believe music can help you through the darkest of times and bring healing"
  • Says he was "pigeonholed" and he didn't feel confident, but one panelist changed that all with his kind words — Robin, whom Turtle says he's "looked up to for years"
  • Says Robin's "sweet falsetto" inspired his own
  • An old photo of Robin with long hair hangs in Turtle's trailer
  • A train conductor-type hat is shown
  • Says he bought a CD adapter for his car just so he could listen to Robin's music
  • A street sign for "Back" is shown
  • He's seen dancing on top of a building
  • "Not to be overdramatic, but I'm about to be the king of this kingdom with all of my heart and soul."
  • His Zoom background is at a beach, and he's surrounded by a surfboard with a green hoodie on it and a plate of chocolate chip cookies.
  • Says the show has enabled him to take risks he "never would have dreamed of"
  • "In my career, I've definitely had a lot of almost moments"
  • He says a lot of things didn't work out like he had hoped, and he says at times it was "heartbreaking"
  • He's grown a "thicker shell" and doing the show is proof of his resilience
  • References the next phase of his life, including a "Mrs. Turtle" and possible future Turtles

On stage:

  • Appears slightly shorter than Cannon
  • First performance: Sang “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal (who was under the Leopard mask last season)
  • He said of his costume, “It’s hot, really hot. And it’s heavy.”
  • Second performance: Sang “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur
  • “I was voted most likely to hunt for booty, and I have… often…”
  • Third performance: Sang “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” by Shawn Mendes
  • His valentine to Nicole said: “Hey Nicole, I’ll never forget the morning we spent together. It was turtally awesome.”
  • Fourth performance: Sang "Higher Love" by Steve Winwood
  • What he's not: "I'm not known for just one thing."
  • Fifth performance: Sang "Let It Go" by James Bay
  • What was inside his bag: cologne, a baseball glove, a gavel, an arrow, and a passport or blue journal with a crown on it. The tag says, "Never Keep Open This Bag," which Robin notes could be a reference to NKOTB, or New Kids on the Block. Of the clues, he said, "It's not easy going through security when you're covered in metal specks, but what should be easy is figuring out these clues. So panel, take it slow like a turtle, and I promise they'll all fit like a glove."
  • Sixth performance: Sang "Stay" by Alessia Cara
  • His dish is a plate of chips and apple salsa. Of it, he said, "It's crunch time guys, so I'm giving you this colorful medley of chips with an apple salsa for all of your clue cravings."
  • Seventh performance: Sang "Fix You" by Coldplay
  • His borrowed package contains a dead zombie. "You may be dead wrong about who I am, but this clue should send you in the right direction," he told the judges.
  • Eighth performance: Sang "Jealous" by Nick Jonas
  • Bonus clue is "photo album"
  • In his "closer look," the judges notice he has a large (fake) diamond ring on his left hand
  • Final performance: Sang "Before You Go" by Lewis Capaldi

Judges’ guesses: Joey McIntyre, Zac Efron, Donnie Wahlberg, AJ McLean, Billie Joe Armstrong, Darius Rucker, Nick Lachey, Jaden Smith, Hunter Hayes, Drew Lachey, Brian Littrell, Chris Evans, Adam Lambert, Niall Horan, Gavin DeGraw, Zayn Malik, Norman Reedus, Howie D, Jesse McCartney, Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, Justin Guarini, Nick Jonas

UPDATE: Turtle took second place in the finale on May 20. See who was under that spiky mask.


Clue package:

  • Says his metamorphosis has been “anything but typical”
  • Newspapers flashed on screen with the headlines “Tadpole plucked from large creek!” and “Toad’s crazy ride begins!”
  • Makes reference to a lightning bolt — could they be a runner?
  • A brown paper bag with the word “Leftovers” is shown
  • A possible reference to the Olympics is made with a poster that says “1996 Games, 1000-meter leap frog” on it
  • A microphone next to a $100 bill, a $5 bill, and $1 bill is given a closeup
  • He is shown at a desk with a basketball and a typewriter that has the letters “C” and “S” and “I” emphasized
  • “From the beginning, I’ve sacrificed so much of myself to be all that”
  • A book titled “Fame” is next to a price tag of $19.00
  • “Always shooting to be the prince of my game”
  • Toy soldiers are given a close-up
  • The paper on the typewriter reads, “Not every frog wants to be a Prince”
  • Frog makes an MC Hammer reference
  • Frog's team member says she's known him since he was a "tadpole" and she knew immediately that he would be a star
  • She says "even then he had an entourage"
  • Shampoo and a comb, a green bowtie, and lilypads (especially a blue one) are given special close-ups
  • She recalls taking him to a late-night talk show appearance where he was "cool, calm, and collected well beyond his years"
  • "Life hasn't always been easy for him, but he's persevered and paved the way for so many people"
  • He says he's "loved, loved, loved" being the Frog
  • "Plus, this getup allows me to do things I couldn't do when I had to be all concerned about my image — I can be the same guy onstage that I am at home with my fam"
  • Says he takes a power nap before each performance
  • His super clue is a knight in shining armor with a sword. Of the clue, he says, "You're getting served a good one. So, Ken, you can finally stop being wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong."
  • His clue package takes place in an investigation room at Frog P.D.
  • "Joining a show with 'singer' in the title was a tough case to crack"
  • Chocolate bon-bons are shown
  • He's seen holding a basketball
  • A jersey with the number 23 is on the wall
  • A wall of past clues is shown, but a new piece of paper with "13" written on it and a Twinkie are given close-ups
  • His clue package starts in a red car with a call from his "little frog"
  • "I'm calling because throughout this show, you've been on my mind. Every move, every groove, every hippity-hop, I think of you," he tells his kid
  • Three loaves of French bread are shown on the ground
  • Says he did everything so fast before his kid came along, but his child "sparked a plug in me"
  • Frog is seen dancing through bales of hay like Kevin Bacon in Footloose
  • A falcon is shown
  • "Now I've been working so hard to take all the right steps and make you proud, as I cut loose, tear up this ramp, and bring home the Golden Mask for us"
  • "Now everybody cut, everybody cut, I said cut!"
  • He's shown playing basketball
  • "I'm literally redefining who I am to the world, and that feels like a slam dunk"
  • Says he feels "electrified" since he's so close to winning the Golden Mask
  • He's shown dancing in a very colorful studio
  • Hair curlers and a sign with "1000" on it are given closeups
  • He dances with the Golden Mask
  • "I've had a lot of haters in my life" but "now, this Frog needs a win"
  • Says he's got a tadpole at home who is counting on him, and it's later revealed that he has a daughter
  • "Well, I don't want to throw shade, even though I like shade, no matter how you say it. But no way you two can hack it like me. Now that's a clue!"
  • His Zoom background is at a riverbed, and he's surrounded by an Australian flag, a yellow car with the number 9 on it, and a picture of him holding his tadpole.
  • "The first time I walked onto this stage, I remember feeling so lost. I wasn't a singer, I wasn't a dancer, and I felt like I couldn't even compete"
  • References years of people saying things about him on social media
  • "I've proven that as a rapper, I have just as much vocal chops as the singers"
  • The clue board from earlier clue packages is shown again, and a sticky note that says "No Limits" and words like "The City," "California," and "Frog Strikes Again" stand out
  • Says the show has gotten him back to his first love, which is music

On stage:

  • Jenny says that he is “like Kevin Hart little,” the others remark that he has swagger
  • First performance: Sang “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer
  • “I feel free, baby. I came here to win it all, baby, that’s what I came to do.”
  • Second performance: Sang “In Da Club” by 50 Cent
  • His favorite subject in school was PE: “One thing I loved about it was the fact that it keeps me in shape, so I can bust these dance moves that make the ladies go crazy”
  • His bonus clue: I've opened doors for the biggest artists.
  • Third performance: Sang "You Dropped a Bomb On Me" by The Gap Band
  • Said he lost his love for music: "I wanted to quit. I believe that timing is everything, and being the Frog has reignited the love that I have [for the music]."
  • Frog gave his friendship bracelet to guest panelist T-Pain, and it had "All we do is win" on it.
  • Fourth performance: Sang "Jump" by Kris Kross
  • What he's not: "I am actually not a trained dancer at all. Do you feel me, baby?"
  • Fifth performance: Sang "Fireball" by Pitbull
  • What was inside his bag: a Japanese flag, a computer keyboard, tennis shoes with a lightning bolt on them, and an ice tray. The bag has a tag on it that says "Thank God It's Frogday." Of the items, he said, "This bag is a clue jackpot to help you figure me out. Especially you, doctor, because as always, Ken Jeong bein' wrong."
  • Sixth performance: Sang "Whatever It Takes" by Imagine Dragons
  • His dish is a plate of fried catfish. Of it, he said, "Well, I present to you my favorite dish from the south with a hint of hits. Thank you. Bon appétit."
  • Seventh performance: Sang "Bust a Move" by Young MC
  • His borrowed package contains a model airplane, which is revealed to be a private jet. "I challenge you to figure out what this plane is all about," he told the judges.
  • Eighth performance: Sang "Hip Hop Hooray" by Naughty by Nature
  • Bonus clue is "hat"
  • In his "closer look" the judges notice he has a pin that says "mom"
  • Final performance: Sang "Bad Boy for Life" by Black Rob, Mark Curry, & P. Diddy

Judges’ guesses: Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, Ray J, Alfonso Ribeiro, Kevin Hart, Omarion, Ludacris, Tommy Davidson, Sisqó, Lil' Romeo, Katt Williams, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Lil Jon, Bow Wow, Anthony Mackie, Derek Hough, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Chance the Rapper, Lil' Fizz, MC Hammer

UPDATE: Frog finished in third place in the May 20 finale. See who he was revealed to be.

Night Angel

Clue package:

  • Speaks in a (possibly fake) British accent throughout the package
  • Mentions she is like the night, with its "tendrils in everything — just like me"
  • Close-up of a motel sign
  • Says, like an angel, she has "felt deeply blessed" her entire life, and doors have always opened for her
  • Doors numbered 4, 5, and 6 are shown
  • Duck beaks are seen in door 4
  • There's a key with the number 2 on it
  • "While fame has sometimes brought me down like a landslide, I've always been able to find a light" (Fleetwood Mac reference?)
  • Robin remarks that there are "gangster grandmas" behind door 5
  • Inside door 6 there is a luau-themed party where a dancer taps his watch like she's late
  • Mentions "that boy is mind" (like the Brandy and Monica song) and "my prerogative," like the Bobby Brown song (or the Britney Spears cover)
  • "Years ago, I was sitting up in my room surrounded by other angels, but lost in the crowd"
  • A fireplace with a wood-burning fire is shown
  • Says she had a thirst for more and "bang, bang, I left my safe place and chose to fall down to earth"
  • An intersection is shown from above
  • She walks by a red brick wall with a castle and a strawberry drawn on it
  • Says being on her own was scary because she felt rejection for the first time
  • Sweet tea is shown in a pitcher — so this person might be from the South
  • References building an "empire"
  • Says she's been "doing this" since she was a teen
  • Her friend from high school provides some clues, explaining that Night Angel missed a lot of school happenings because of her career
  • A disco ball is shown, as is a phone that is off the hook
  • An astronomy quiz with an A+ on it is given a closeup, the answers chosen on it are "craters," "28," "Neil Armstrong," and "Keith Moon"
  • Her friend says Night Angel has "always stayed true to herself despite the fame that has come her way" — this includes passing up a big career opportunity in order to attend graduation
  • Says her time on the show has kept her on "cloud nine"
  • "I've avoided putting myself front and center for years. I get scared of standing alone after facing rejection in my past"
  • Says she's helped others, which in turn helps her spread her wings
  • She chose a song for her fourth performance that is her "new mantra"
  • Her super clue is a red and white tricycle. "I know you want an easy clue, but not tonight. I'd rather cruise on by you with a tricky one," she says.
  • The clue package takes place inside a TV screen
  • "I've gotten a lot of calls in my life: some good, some bad, some that even upended my life"
  • A lot of phones are shown
  • "Do you ever feel alone? Need a person to talk to? Or free your mind? Then dial the Angel Hotline," she says, as a graphic for her hotline pops on screen. It says "Angel Hotline, 555-0100" and "all calls are $2.85 a minute, must be 2000 years or older to call"
  • Lots of gold is shown as she holds up a white and gold lighter
  • "I don't have to go chasing anyone else, I can stand alone"
  • Fish hooks are shown
  • Referring to the high praise she has received from the judges, she says, "Their comments made me reflect on how far I've come since my musical journey started when I was just four years old."
  • She's seen at a piano, with three tubes of lipstick on it
  • A map of Colombia is shown
  • Says her aunt caught her singing her favorite tune, Donna Summer's "Last Dance," and promptly taught her all about rhythm and tone
  • Mail is shown. One envelope says "To: My Hero Night Angel," another says, "Love You Night Angel!!!" and the last one says, "Night Angel: Say, Baby I Love You!"
  • A single red light bulb is shown
  • "While you haven't always known me for music, I've been able to sing through passion and through pain"
  • Says she's from the South
  • "I'm the Night Angel because years ago someone close to me passed, and it ripped my world apart"
  • A ghost hand gives her a microphone, as she mentions she feels like she has had a guardian angel since that person died
  • "Losing that person has been a constant reminder that tomorrow isn't guaranteed"
  • It's taught her to take "big risks"
  • A ghostly figure can be seen encouraging her and patting her shoulders
  • A soccer ball and football are shown next to the Golden Mask
  • "Want my clue? Well, it's within my rights, my gates, and my boards to light that stage on fire."
  • Her Zoom background is at her home in the clouds, and she's surrounded by a mug that says "Heaven's Best Boss," a purple party hat, a lamp with a golden eagle on it, and a crystal chandelier.
  • Says the show terrified her because she had convinced herself that she "wasn't enough"
  • The show enabled her to take her fear and turn it into confidence
  • "When I didn't find success as a solo artist, I decided to develop other businesses behind the scenes"
  • "As my kids have grown, it's gotten harder to tell them to chase their dreams when I wasn't chasing my own"
  • Says she's here to win for herself, all women, and her "little angels"

On stage:

  • Nicole mentions that she has "older lady swag" and she's several inches shorter than Nick
  • First performance: Sang "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi
  • "Well, I really love the duality of the Night Angel, the fact that she can be sweet and then sometimes she’s just like bad."
  • Second performance: Sang "Million Reasons" by Lady Gaga
  • Her yearbook quote: "If you're willing to lend a helping wing, then you too can break barriers."
  • Bonus clue: "Shhhh… I've always had faith."
  • Third performance: Sang "Shout!" by Isley Brothers
  • Her Lego-themed clue featured Night Angel next to Jenny with the words "Good Times" in the background. "Jenny, I said your name because I've heard you say my name often on your show," Night Angel said.
  • Fourth performance: Sang "Rise Up" by Andra Day
  • What she's not: "I'm not just a voice, I'm a mogul."
  • Fifth performance: Sang "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain
  • What was inside her bag: an ostrich, a snow globe, a bee, and a crown. Tags on the bag have the words "boss" and "the bag is mine" on them. Of the items, she said, "I normally fly right over security but not here. I present to you these heavenly clues so that you can stop winging it with your guesses."
  • Sixth performance: Sang "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles
  • Her dish is a plate of crickets on sticks. Of it, she said, "Here's a delicacy you might think is a bit creepy, but don't be scared, just chew it."
  • Seventh performance: Sang "Last Dance" by Donna Summer
  • Her borrowed package contains a pair of snow boots and goggles. "Well, I figured I'd help you out and help you get warmer because you're very cold," she told the judges.
  • Eighth performance: Sang "How to Love" by Lil Wayne
  • Bonus clue is "football"
  • In her "closer look," the judges notice she has a moon pin
  • Final performance: Sang "River Deep, Mountain High" by Tina Turner

Judges' guesses: Taylor Dayne, Monica, Lil' Kim, Regina King, Jessica Simpson, Taraji P. Henson, Toni Braxton, Mayim Bialik, Janet Jackson, Tamar Braxton, Brandy, Tisha Campbell, Vanessa Williams, Keke Palmer, Chilli, Kandi Burruss, Dawn Robinson, T-Boz, Tiny, Alicia Keys, Ciara

UPDATE: Night Angel won it all in the finale on May 20, becoming the first woman to win The Masked Singer in the process. See which celebrity she was in EW's exit interview.

White Tiger

Clue package:

  • Clue package takes place in a hallway of lockers, with multiple references to strength and wrestling (“the ring”)
  • “I’ve had a giant career full of accomplishments, but when I imagine being on stage singing, I’m a big ole scaredy-cat”
  • A clam trophy with the words “ultimate champion for clam shucking, 51 clams” on it is shown (is he from New England, maybe?)
  • Says his motivation is his fans, whom he doesn’t want to let down
  • A sign for Masked Singer tryouts with the date 5/3 (a birthday or jersey number?)
  • A poster of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Franklin with the words “four score and seven years ago” on it is seen
  • A poster with a skiing cow and a book called “Wild World of Cats” are shown
  • “My motto is work hard, play harder”
  • Says he’s no stranger to celebrating, and he loves “a good block party”
  • Says that dancing heals his body, and the actors in the clue package are all wearing bright wigs and feather boas
  • He rips open a horse piñata
  • His college roommate provides some clues in a bar, and he has a target as a head. A neon sign for Route 66 is seen in the background, and there is a white landline phone on the table
  • There’s a closeup of a quarter
  • He details one time when the two of them went out to a club and White Tiger told some girls they were professional dancers of the Magic Mike variety, and “on the spot, he and I made up this ridiculous routine”
  • “The other dudes didn’t stand a chance. Smell what I’m cookin’?” he says, and the judges remark that that could be a reference to The Rock
  • A closeup of butter is shown
  • Says when he first got to the show, he'd never sung in front of a crowd and didn't know what an eight count was
  • White Tiger is aware he doesn't have the best vocals, but he is convinced he can "turn this stage into the raunchiest party on the block"
  • Says his fourth performance has got to "be so sexy it hurts"
  • His super clue is him doing the flossing dance and pretending to shoot a basketball. "Swish, swish," he says.

On stage:

  • He is significantly taller than host Nick Cannon, who is around 6’0″ tall
  • First performance: Sang “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice
  • “It’s the most powerful I’ve ever felt, like I could conquer anything. I never want to take it off!”
  • Second performance: Sang “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
  • “I was voted most likely to go to the mat for a friend, and I did, literally
  • Third performance: Sang “We Will Rock You” by Queen
  • His valentine to Jenny said: “Jenny, I’m wild about you, but I know your husband will appreciate this card even more”
  • Fourth performance: Sang "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred
  • What he's not: "I'm not just brawns, I'm brains. I even wrote a bestselling book."

Judges’ guesses: John Cena, Rob Gronkowski, Jason Momoa, Hulk Hogan, Charles Haley, Fabio Lanzoni, Joe Manganiello, J.J. Watt

UPDATE: White Tiger was unmasked on April 1. See who he turned out to be.


Clue package:

  • Clue package takes place in a radio station called 23.3 The Wool
  • Refers to his listeners as “nerd herd”
  • Says he’s just here to have a laugh, and “what’s funnier than a llama?”
  • A little green Buddha is shown
  • “You can call me a joker,” he says, and a jack and an ace of spades are flashed on screen (a gambler or the initials J.A.?)
  • An album called “Sounds of Seattle” is shown
  • A reference to the famous pottery scene from Ghost is made as he talks about finding romance
  • “Llamaste to all my wooly friends” — is this singer a yogi?
  • Shown on stage with an accordion and some kind of table or chair covered in a red checkered blanket — do they play the accordion or perhaps frequently use musical instruments in their comedy?
  • Says he is approaching this competition the way he approached his career: “For a while, I was spinning my wheels, but then I started to envision my success and to think on my feet”

On stage:

  • Appears to be shorter than Cannon, but the costume’s neck is so long it’s hard to tell where the person inside’s head is
  • First performance: Sang “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin
  • “This whole costume just spoke to me, my vibe. I wear things like this in real life.”
  • Second performance: Sang “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones
  • “I was voted most likely to be near firing cannons”

Judges’ guesses: Howard Stern, David Spade, Joel McHale, Johnny Knoxville, Joel McHale, Zach Galifianakis, Woody Harrelson

UPDATE: Llama went home on Feb. 5. See who was under the mask.

Miss Monster

Clue package:

  • This clue package also takes place in a school, and her locker is No. 10 (and naturally it’s filled with pictures of her “favorite contestant from season 1,” which is Monster, aka rapper T-Pain)
  • Hair products are shown, and panelist Jenny McCarthy notes that this person probably has notably good hair
  • A fancy key with a keychain that says “Fun” is shown
  • She says she started off as a “shy little monster” but “it didn’t take long for me to be misunderstood”
  • “Monster Hits” sticker seen in the locker
  • “Now I can focus on being an artist,” she says as the Monster tells her to “draw me like one of your French monsters” a la Titanic
  • On her drawing board is a chess piece (a queen), and a hand-drawn picture of a butterfly
  • Multi-colored drawing sticks are shown, as is a purple fluffy journal
  • She says that people tell her “you can’t do it all”
  • “I want you to see that I’m like Mr. Monster, capable of anything and full of love”
  • Her hairstylist and confidante (dressed as a monster with gapped teeth and a mustache) provides some clues, and he is in a garden of some sort with a clothes line that has pizza, a pair of white socks, and a teddy bear hanging on it. Later, camouflage clothes are also seen.
  • The hairstylist says he was intimidated to meet her at first, calling her a “misunderstood monster,” but he says she wasn’t scary at all
  • He stepped in to do her hair when a stylist was late for an event, and says “trust me, you can’t hurry good hair” — another reference to this person having great hair
  • He also says she’s been through a lot and hasn’t always been seen in the press for who she really is, which is someone who is “all about spreading love”

On stage:

  • Panelist Nicole Scherzinger notes that “she seems petite”
  • First performance: Sang “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt
  • Needs to be guided off stage by Cannon, so perhaps she’s older?
  • Second performance: Sang “Fancy” by Bobbie Gentry
  • “I was most likely to be in the presence of royalty”
  • Third performance: Sang “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore
  • Her valentine to Robin said: “I only have eye for you, we even had a rendezvous in Sin City”

Judges’ guesses: Dolly Parton, Mary J. Blige, Dionne Warwick, Mary Wilson, Priscilla Presley, Celine Dion, Queen Latifah, Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan

UPDATE: Miss Monster was unmasked on Feb. 12. See who the masked singer ended up being.


Clue package:

  • Clue package takes place in a laboratory with an evil scientist vibe
  • There’s a periodic table, with No. 78 “Pt” (which is Platinum) specifically pointed out
  • Shows a tech deck skateboard hitting a toy firetruck
  • “I relate to robots, because I’ve always felt the need to put on a tough outer shell. I think that makes me come across as inhuman and it’s stunted my potential” — is this person someone who does a lot of stunts or a gymnast, maybe?
  • Mentions scales, another potential reference to being an athlete who has to weigh in
  • References to not being relatable, wanted to show they have a heart and love to give

On stage:

  • This person is definitely shorter than Cannon
  • First performance: Sang “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz
  • “I’ve never done nothing like this before, so I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had in my career”

Judges’ guesses: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Floyd Mayweather, Shaun White, Flavor Flav

UPDATE: Robot was unmasked on Feb. 2. See who he turned out to be.


Clue package:

  • Clue package takes place in “the Outback,” natch
  • “I’m a survivor. I recently lost a person who held my family’s heart together. Then, by my own admission, I found myself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons,” she says, as paparazzi take photos of her
  • An old school phonograph is shown, panelist Ken Jeong remarks that it looks like a Grammy
  •  “I have to fight for my family and show them that bullies never win”
  • Shown jumping rope and boxing
  • A sign with “Kangaroo Kourt” and a basketball player are briefly shown
  • Says she feels like she’s been living life on the sidelines and “it’s scary putting myself in the spotlight again”
  • “Sometimes it feels like everyone is against me,” she says as makeup and nail polish are shown
  • Says she needs to get “back in the game” as she dribbles a basketball
  • All the players around her are wearing jerseys with number 23 and “deejay” on them
  • She mentions being a role model for “her little roo”
  • Her younger brother (“by only one year”) provides some clues, dressed up as someone in a red plaid shirt and gardening gloves with a potted plant for a head
  • Says his sister “was a drama queen in her teen years” but “she’s the most resilient person I know” and that she’s the glue that held their family together in the wake of tragedy
  • A model airplane is hanging from the ceiling, and Jenny remarks that maybe Kangaroo is a model
  • A handmade angel is shown
  • Says he admires “her ability to rise above the haters”
  • Says she knew she had to put on "a brave hidden face" because she came to show her strength after being "vilified by kanga-rumors" of her past
  • "When you see me jumping, I'm actually just trying to shake out my nerves"
  • Kangaroo says she's been "put through hell this past year" and her fourth performance is her response to that
  • Her super clue was a blow-up kangaroo that she pulled out of her pouch. "All right, dolls, do you know who I am now," she asks.

On stage:

  • Guest panelist Jamie Foxx notes that she’s “actually kind of tall”
  • First performance: Sang “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn
  • “One of my greatest fears is being vulnerable, and this year I’ve had no other option than to be vulnerable. But with this kangaroo costume, I feel like I can get my superpowers back,” she says.
  • Second performance: Sang “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse
  • “I was voted most likely to appear on a list with Seal and Mike Tyson, and I might have been”
  • Third performance: Sang “Diamonds” by Rihanna
  • Her valentine to guest panelist Leah Remini said: “We’ve sat at the same table, and your courage has inspired me”
  • Fourth performance: Sang "Not Ready to Make Nice" by Dixie Chicks
  • What she's not: "I may be a kangaroo, but I've never lived in Australia."
  • Fifth performance: Sang "No Air" by Jordin Sparks
  • What was inside her bag: a ship in a bottle, lipstick, a turntable, Big Ben, and a tag with the word "first" on it. Of the items, she said, "Listen closely panel, because I am about to throw you the biggest curve of them all. This show is the first time I've ever sung in front of anyone. I'm totally new to this."

Judges’ guesses: Jordin Sparks, Kelly Rowland, Iggy Azalea, Candace Parker, Tatyana Ali, Gabrielle Union, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lindsay Lohan, Amber Rose, LeAnn Rimes, India.Arie, La La Anthony, Keira Knightley, Blac Chyna, Ayesha Curry, Jordyn Woods

UPDATE: Kangaroo was sent packing on April 8. See her true identity.


Clue package:

  • “I was a calf when I found my calling,” he says, as he sits down to play the drums — so someone who started out at a young age, and potentially someone who plays the drums?
  • Turned his passion “into a one-man show”
  • Stop sign, traffic meter, a bicycle, 10 cent ice cream, and an arts and crafts store are all seen in the package
  • “I went from canvassing park benches to leading the charge of a massive movement, even parading for white houses” — is he a politician?
  • One of the background actors in the package has a gold crown on his head, but none of the rest do
  • Blue jays are given a closeup

On stage:

  • Nicole remarks that Elephant is tall (around Nick’s height by the looks of it), and Robin Thicke tells Jenny that he seems young and athletic
  • First performance: Sang “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure
  • “I do not do dance choreography at all but this costume and this mask give me the confidence to go for it”

Judges’ guesses: Lance Armstrong, Travis Barker, Tommy Lee, Beto O’Rourke

UPDATE: Elephant went home on Feb. 19. See who was ultimately under the mask.


Clue package:

  • Says on the show she “feels at home among the weird and the wonderful”
  • Old timey binoculars are shown multiple times
  • Wants to “wipe the slate clean as the purest snow”
  • References to astronomy and the moon
  • Says people think of her not as the person she’s become, but as the person she once was
  • “Now under these lights, among the cream of the crop, I get to start from scratch”
  • Old movie clips of pirates are shown in the background
  • A shattered red rose is shown — was this person on The Bachelor or Bachelorette?
  • She’s shown at home with a sewing machine, working on some red fabric, which she says is one of her favorite things to do
  • Lots of yarn and fabrics of all colors are seen in the background
  • “Whether a pillow for someone special, or a modern dress for a family member’s ball”
  • She also likes to draw things that inspire her
  • “It’s like magic. Maybe there’s something about watching transformations that rings a bell,” she says, as one of the background actors is seen in a Little Red Riding Hood-esque cape
  • Her BFF, whom she's known since they were "little kittens," is seen on the balcony of a nice home wearing a green wig — Robin remarks that she looks like a green-haired Rapunzel
  • The BFF reveals that Kitty didn't have a ton of friends and was bullied growing up
  • A Fabergé-esque egg, candelabras, and white Christmas lights are all given close-ups
  • Says Kitty liked to write poems and direct horror movies for them to star in
  • "She's always had a flair for the dramatic" — she got detention one time for scaring another student
  • "Since starting young, for a large part of my life I've struggled with my self-image"
  • Says when she got to the show, she felt like she was "at a party meant for other people"
  • Putting on the Kitty costume makes her feel "assertive, and confident, and beautiful"
  • "Every week, I get to really let my freak flag fly and show the depth of my soul"
  • Her super clue features the Christmas Tree from season 2. "I'm not going to make this complicated. Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Ring any jingle bells," she says.
  • Says she's been on "many stages" and "played many roles"
  • Backup dancers are seen dueling with swords
  • Another is wearing a red cape
  • A wardrobe is rolled into frame
  • Kitty holds up a yellow mirror with a silver apple in it, and nail polish and makeup can be seen around her
  • The monkey music box from The Phantom of the Opera is shown
  • "It's not enough to have a good voice. If I want to stay in this fairy land, I have to reinvent myself," she says, as a record with the words "Mind Your Manners Seal Sisters" flashes on screen
  • A platter with a rose, a glittery egg, and milk on it is brought to her
  • Wands are briefly shown
  • Her latest clue package takes place in a hot air balloon
  • "My creativity comes from all across the globe," she says
  • Kitty reveals that she started traveling at a very young age
  • Japan and its famous cherry blossoms, Russia and its colorful buildings, and Washington DC, New York, and Niagara Falls are all seen in the background
  • "I felt like I couldn't be myself and like everyone around me didn't want me to grow up"
  • On the show, she says she's learned things "like bravery and self-love, and while my career might be up in the air, here, I am over the rainbow"

On stage:

  • Jenny remarks that Kitty is “itty bitty”
  • First performance: Sang “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande
  • “I am being somebody that nobody has ever seen before, and it’s always been inside of me so, it’s great!”
  • Second performance: Sang “Mercy” by Brett Young
  • Her favorite subject in school was English: “I am such a bookworm and I used to write my own science fiction books and sell them for quarters”
  • Her bonus clue: I'm here to seal the deal!
  • Third performance: Sang "Mama's Broken Heart" by Miranda Lambert
  • Kitty gave her friendship bracelet to Robin, and it had "Fireworks" on it. "I gave this to you because the first time we met was lit," she said.
  • Fourth performance: Sang "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" by Celine Dion
  • What she's not: "I was not dreaming when Robert Redford helped me to get my very first role."
  • Fifth performance: Sang "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper
  • What was inside her bag: a zucchetto (the hat worn by the Pope), a dragon, a mouse, and an angel ornament. The tag says "If found CALL ME??? Be A Hero." Of the items, she said, "I love this game of mouse and cat that we play, but these clues should really help grease up your gears."
  • Sixth performance: Sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" by Marilyn Monroe
  • Her dish is a piece of cake. Of it, she said, "I present to you a clue that's literally a piece of cake. And just like me, it's super sweet and full of layers."
  • Seventh performance: Sang "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse
  • Her borrowed package contains a bow and arrow. "Aim your sights and it should help you target who I am," she told the judges.

Judges’ guesses: Julianne Hough, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Millie Bobby Brown, Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Hyland, Christina Ricci, Kristen Bell, Haylie Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts, Avril Lavigne, Kate Bosworth, Charlotte Church, Lea Michele, Eva Longoria, Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen

UPDATE: Kitty was unmasked on May 6. Find out who was under the fur and sequins.


Clue package:

  • Says he’s “been a comforting part of your lives for decades” as VHS tapes are given a closeup
  • “I’ve got plenty of seasoning, and I’m in a good place”
  • An anchor, a Rubik’s Cube, and a trolley are all shown, with Jenny remarking that the latter item could be a reference to San Francisco
  • “To enchiladas and beyond, here I go as fast as I can! I want to be the last mask standing!”
  • A whoopee cushion inside a taco shell is shown
  • “You may think of me as a buttoned-up mild type, but I actually used to be a bit of a hot head”
  • “I met the most stunning taco in the galaxy,” he says, as a map of the stars is shown with the constellation of Gemini in the middle
  • “My jaw dropped, my heart buzzed, and everything changed,” he says, later adding that his love made him the “softer taco” he is today blessed with a “rich career”
  • A toupee is shown
  • Taco's "very famous" friend says he loves Taco enough to "stick his face in a wafting seafood platter"
  • A menu with the "ME" emphasized on it is shown — are they initials or hinting that Taco has an Emmy perhaps?
  • Says "we both help people when they get knocked down" and "we always find the humor in everything"
  • Baked beans, an old fashioned washer, and two cocktails are shown
  • "We both love our children. Our little shrimps, I'm sure they'd be just as proud as I am to see their role model, Papa Shrimp Taco, in the limelight doing what he does best — entertaining you, America!"

On stage:

  • Jenny says he dances “a bit like an older guy,” and he appears a few inches shorter than Nick
  • First performance: Sang “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra
  • “This is how I dress normally. Now, the weirdest thing about this experience is being ignored by everyone because they don’t know who I am. For the first time I feel invisible,” he joked
  • Second performance: Sang “Bossa Nova Baby” by Elvis Presley
  • His favorite subject in school was… nothing: “Actually, I was a class clown. Once, I was put in a closet in the classroom for bad behavior, but I loved it, it meant I didn’t have to sit in class.”
  • His bonus clue: I've enjoyed a lot of salsas in my time.
  • Third performance: Sang "Can't Help Myself" by The Four Tops
  • Taco gave his friendship bracelet to Nicole, and it had "Kiss" on it. "Not to be corny, but when I saw you in person, you were perfect," he said. He later said offstage that his clue didn't have anything to do with actually kissing Nicole.

Judges’ guesses: Regis Philbin, Martin Short, Bob Saget, Seth MacFarlane, Ted Danson, Alec Baldwin, Barry Manilow, Howie Mandel, Jerry Springer

UPDATE: Taco went home on March 4. See who was ultimately unmasked.


Clue package:

  • “I’m small and cute, but don’t let my size fool you, because my presence is larger than life”
  • Her package is football themed
  • Says she’s always been a leader in her field
  • A whiteboard with “Bang Bang Formation” written on it is shown as she says she “wrote the playbook”
  • The football players have gold-colored jerseys on with the name “Warriors” on the back, and their numbers are 19 and 79
  • Mentions being the boss, but not minding having a walk-on role
  • “I never accept anything less than gold,” she says, as gold pom-poms are shown. Nicole remarks that maybe she has some gold records
  • “The stage is like my second home, and I am having a ball up there”
  • “When I leave my good job in the city, there’s no place like home squeak home,” she says, as a bust of a rhino is shown
  • A picture of prayer hands is seen
  • Mardi Gras beads are hanging on her mirror
  • “And why quit something that still feels exciting and new?”
  • Says she likes to find time for her favorite things: starting a romance novel, a little needlepoint, and wine and cheese to bond with her friends
  • Refers to herself as the “hostess with the mostest”

On stage:

  • Nicole remarks that Mouse “is a tiny little thing”
  • First performance: Sang “Get Here” by Oleta Adams
  • “Not being able to talk,” she says of the difficulties of being on the show. “Yeah, you know, I am a chatterbox. And I love talking and they always tell me that I can’t say anything to anybody.”
  • Second performance: Sang “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole
  • Her favorite subject in school was math: “My daddy told me, he said, ‘Well, you look at those numbers. And you know that those numbers represent your money.'”

Judges’ guesses: Darlene Love, Dionne Warwick, Maya Rudolph, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tina Turner

UPDATE: Mouse went home on Feb. 26. See who was under the mask.


Clue package:

  • His fruit and veggie-themed clue package features him napping next to a cowboy hat
  • A blow fish is seen on the ground
  • References to being a partier and having a hangover, and this not being his “first rodeo”
  • Says he’s tough on the outside and “a total smoothie” on the inside, and “a hoot” to have at parties
  • A blue collar is given a closeup
  • Banana is seen stripping off his clothes, so maybe someone comfortable with nudity?
  • There is a closeup of a clock displaying 2:13 p.m. on 6/8, and it has an alarm set for 9:15
  • Makes a reference to “get ‘er done”
  • One of the background actors has black cowboy boots on
  • The banana speaks with a twang throughout
  • The banana is told he needs a rebrand, and there is a computer with a green snake on it
  • A fake advertisement for a show starring Banana says “Banana is the new snack” on it
  • He’s also seen in ads for “CHIPS” and “Sons of Bananarchy”
  • Says he has a few “bruises” but is still here and plans on embracing his flaws
  • Banana's two female family members (his daughters?) are seen in an interview room, with only their silhouettes visible, 60 Minutes style
  • There's a jar of "Jam" on the table
  • They said Banana taught them to drive by using go karts, and the go karts have the numbers 17 and 11 on it
  • Banana made his own go kart track for the girls
  • "He's been through a lot of heartburn in his life, but he's always been able to laugh through anything"
  • Says when he first got to the show, he was "just a party boy looking for a good time"
  • A "traumatic injury from my past" caused him to forget the lyrics to his second performance
  • "Now, I can't believe I'm in the Super 9, and I'm not ready for the trip to end here"
  • His super clue features one of the background actors wearing a banana mask with sunglasses and a mullet on it. "You might be a kindred spirit if you've rocked one of these. Business in the front, party in the back," he says.

On stage:

  • Jenny says he’s confident and tall
  • First performance: Sang “A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley
  • When asked if he always wanted to be the banana, he said, “Technically, no. My kid, I’m getting ready to work out, and she hands me a banana and it’s a sign. So here I am, the banana. And I’m peelin’ it!”
  • Second performance: Sang “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus
  • His favorite subject in school was art: “It got me through some of the toughest times of my life, and I’ve had quite a few. And tonight, even though I forgot half the lyrics, I was having the time of my life forgetting about the troubles, having a good time.”
  • His bonus clue: What's more inspiring than doing laundry?
  • Third performance: Sang "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers
  • He revealed that his dad died recently and his song choice was an homage to him
  • Banana gave his friendship bracelet to Jenny, and it had "Nineties love" on it. "I just want to say we had a chance to hang as friends. We had a great time, and I love you, you are an awesome person," he said.
  • Fourth performance: Sang "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • What he's not: "I can tell you this. 'Blue collar' has many, many meanings. When I say 'blue collar,' I'm a funny guy, but I'm not standup funny."
  • Fifth performance: Sang "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan
  • What was inside his bag: a cat, bug spray, and a Nashville sheriff badge. The bag has two tags on it, one bearing The Rolling Stones' tongue logo, and the other says "Backstage Crew" on it. Of the items, he said, "These clues are ripe for the picking, so I challenge all of you to try to figure this out. Look at the clues."

Judges’ guesses: Bill Engvall, Ed Helms, Darius Rucker, Larry the Cable Guy, Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Andretti, Brad Paisley, Johnny Knoxville, Bret Michaels, Billy Ray Cyrus, Keith Urban, Kid Rock

UPDATE: Banana was sent packing on April 22. Find out who he turned out to be.


Clue package:

  • Old masks like Fox and Christmas Tree are shown
  • It's someone who has been scrutinized
  • Hockey skates are seen
  • Says she is coming out of hibernation
  • Mentions cubs, so she’s possibly a mom
  • There’s a flying car
  • Elephants are on the walls, and a basket of fries is in front of her
  • A doormat shows “home, sweet, home”
  • There's a calendar with "Octobear" and the word "live" on a Saturday

On stage:

  • Nicole mentions that she is "a tiny little thing"
  • First performance: Sang "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot
  • "I needed this, I love this"

Judges' guesses: Tina Fey, Tonya Harding, Candace Bure

UPDATE: Bear went home on March 11. See who she turned out to be.


Clue package:

  • "I've always dreamt of flying high, because I believe that if you want something enough, not even gravity can hold you back"
  • A colorful lei or boa is hanging from the ceiling
  • A skeleton's foot is floating around
  • Says he's been "hungering for the chance to explore new territories"
  • A broom and a toolbox are shown
  • Mentions his "heart throbbing" over "the idea of endless possibilities" — so maybe someone that is viewed as a heartthrob?
  • Mentions being "far from home" as a collision warning flashes on screen
  • "Midway to impact! Oh brother! Kaboom!" he says, as he notes that he didn't have a "pitch perfect" landing
  • Says he has "a whole new mission" now that he's connecting with the audience
  • "I'm loving this fresh start as the circle of life keeps spinning" — is that a Lion King reference?
  • Mentions having a "foothold" on things
  • He is seen waving a white flag with Orion's Belt on it
  • "When I was young, I was a bright star but then I overreached and got burned"
  • Seen holding a massive bouquet of colorful balloons — very Up-like
  • Says he was lonely and isolated, and wandered for what felt like 500 days, using "sign language until I found my own voice"
  • An image of a French horn is shown
  • Says his second performance is a song by a "dear friend"
  • "When I started this journey, I never knew how at home I would feel in this space suit. It makes me kind of forget I'm still only human" — Nicole notes that "Only Human" is a song by the Jonas Brothers
  • His "bro pilot" provides a few clues, including that Astronaut "knows how to lead a crew"
  • A red coffee mug is shown surrounded by coffee beans
  • There is a closeup of a black die and a red die, both show the number 5
  • Astronaut's friend says sometimes he can "be a space cadet." For example, one time he took a nosedive and fell on his face. "Anyone else would have said 'bye, bye, bye' and called it quits, but not Astro," he says.
  • A small wooden bridge is shown
  • Says his Masked Singer journey couldn't have "come at a better time" in his life
  • "For years, I've been searching for a chance to blast away labels that have been imposed upon me"
  • Says in his past something happened that changed the course of his career and he was forced to start over
  • Now, he's able to "break boundaries" and "explore new territories" with "no tethers" attached
  • His super clue features a record with a map of the earth on it, and it shatters. Of the clue, he says, "Let's blow the whistle on a clue that means the world to me. Alright, time to rock it." (The judges interpret this to mean that Astronaut is the contestant on the show who has broken a world record, which Nick has alluded to all season.)
  • "While I'm counting my lucky stars that I'm still afloat in this space race, I know I need to adapt faster"
  • Several cards are shown, all of which are aces of various suits except for the middle card, which says "Joker" on it
  • Says he was comfortable on his planet for a long time, but then he felt "frozen"
  • Flowers and an "Exploring Earth" textbook are shown in a log cabin
  • "So I decided to light my candle and seek out new worlds. So you just watch, as I work harder" — Jenny remarks that maybe he did a watch ad
  • He holds up a red lobster and makes a paper airplane

On stage:

  • Judges mention that he's not that tall
  • First performance: Sang "You Say" by Lauren Daigle
  • Mentions that he started at a young age
  • Second performance: Sang "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" by Stevie Wonder
  • His yearbook quote: "Well, we can all reach the stars. Sometimes, it just takes a little help from someone from an organized crime family."
  • Bonus clue: "I'm all for horses."
  • Third performance: Sang "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran
  • His Lego-themed clue featured him and Nicole in a mall. "Nicole, remember when we were both together to celebrate a huge birthday," he said.
  • Fourth performance: Sang "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley
  • What he's not: "I've never had traditional voice training."
  • Fifth performance: Sang "If I Can't Have You" by Shawn Mendes
  • What was inside his bag: the White House, a lightbulb, an accordion, and an airplane. The tag on it says "Warning: Do not open." Of the items, he said, "I'm an open book. Now, it's your mission to unearth who I am."
  • Sixth performance: Sang "Story of My Life" by One Direction
  • His dish is king cake. Of it, he said, "This is one of my all-time favorite foods for celebrating. It's filled with sugar, butter, and tons of clues."

Judges' guesses: Adam Devine, Zac Efron, Lance Bass, Josh Hutcherson, Donald Glover, Corey Feldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eddie Vedder, JC Chasez, David Archuleta, Ryan Tedder, Ben Platt, Seth Green, Austin Mahone, Jonathan Groff, Skylar Astin, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Hunter Hayes

UPDATE: Astronaut came crashing back down to earth on April 29. See who was hiding under that space suit.


Clue package:

  • A squeaky baby doll is shown
  • "Like the dinosaur, I was discovered by another, who plucked me out of obscurity and into an extraordinary place called T-Rex Island"
  • In this place, she was one of dozens of "talented creatures, pirouetting the land, all similar in looks, strengths, and skills"
  • A "U" balloon with two stars on it, a toy dinosaur covered in pink goo, and a bow and arrow are seen
  • There's a weather vane with the letters "N" and "W"emphasized
  • Mentions "rumors of extinction," and a "cataclysmic" event happened that changed her world forever
  • An asteroid and pink clouds are seen
  • "OMG, being the T-Rex is dyn-o-mite"
  • What appears to be a pink globe with a pink party hat on it is shown
  • Says after an asteroid hit T-Rex Island, she was devastated to look around and only see "singles and doubles" left — is this person a tennis player or a fan?
  • A pink volcano with rainbow tassels is shown
  • "I didn't want my career to go downhill fast, my heart was beating like a bumblebee"
  • Says she had to survive, and no one "wants to be a one-hit wonder"
  • T-Rex's coach, who is shown with airplane food for a head, provides some clues, including that T-Rex "subscribes to the idea that there is no off day"
  • Colorful boomerangs and glitter-covered chips, fries, and fish sticks are shown
  • Says T-Rex is a major perfectionist, so much so that if someone messes up at rehearsals, they have to start over
  • "Even though she's young, she's got fans of all ages"
  • A pair of red lips is seen near toy action figures, so has this person been a part of a lip-sync battle maybe?

On stage:

  • T-Rex is super energetic, doing high kicks as she enters the stage (Robin comments they dance like his 9-year-old son)
  • She is pretty tall, not far off from Nick's height
  • First performance: Sang "So What" by Pink
  • Chose the T-Rex because she loves "the feeling of being fierce and untamed"
  • Second performance: Sang "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa
  • Her yearbook quote: "If you dream big, your face can be everywhere and you'll never go extinct… unless a meteor hits."
  • Bonus clue: "I occasionally party with teddy bears."
  • Third performance: Sang "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)" by A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls
  • Her Lego-themed clue featured her and guest panelist Will Arnett next to the word "Poodle." "The connection is with Will because Lego Batman is how we are connected," she said.

Judges' guesses: Kourtney Kardashian, Rebecca Black, Maddie Ziegler, Lilly Singh, Liza Koshy, Mikaela Shiffrin, Gabby Douglas, Jojo Siwa, Honey Boo Boo

UPDATE: T-Rex was sent packing on March 25. Check out EW's exit interview to see who was under the mask.


Clue package:

  • Says as a “young rhino,” he was center stage, and the toast of the town every week, but that "being on top became an addiction"
  • Magazines like Masked Quarterly (it reads “Rhino is Unstoppable!” on the cover) and Anonymous Living (on the cover it says “Rhi-NO? More like Rhi-YES!”) are shown
  • But when he suddenly wasn’t the best, “I crashed and burned”
  • Then shows magazine called Who Is It? Digest, which has the headline “Rhino Hits Rock Bottom” and reads “Endangered?” on the cover
  • He approaches a red bicycle, then there's a close-up of the wheels stepping on something resembling gum
  • Rhino says he pushed the people closest to him away, as he’s shown denying a pitcher of what looks like iced tea from a background actor
  • We see the famous guitar in Nashville that has “Grand Ole Opry” written on it
  • Eventually he got the help he needed, and got back on his ride
  • A book/poster with the word "faith" is shown
  • There’s a wooden bike ramp decorated with a red star (a lot of red in this clue package)
  • Rides the bicycle with butterflies all over it, revs it like a motorcycle
  • A background actor is in a blue wig
  • E.T. reference where Rhino rides off on the bicycle, reaching the sky with the sun in the background
  • After last week's performance he says he is "flying high"
  • "Just like on stage, standing on these wings is wild and nerve-wracking," he says as he's shown standing on an airplane with an amp on it
  • The scene goes from black and white to color when his guitar gets plugged into the amp
  • Says he's had lots of ups and downs from being a "risk taker"
  • Falls off the airplane and holds a sign that says "south" on it — the ground beneath him looks desert-like
  • Says right before he hit bottom, he met his wife, "his guardian angel"
  • She "saved my life and inspired me to pursue other passions and take on new risks"
  • He's shown frying a… piece of bread?? The background actor then cuts it in his hand, and he's wearing a giant fake diamond ring
  • Rhino and the actor play tennis
  • "Despite rising to the top of my field, I've struggled with constant criticism," he says
  • Rhino's college friend (who has two floaties for hands that say "this is not a life saving device" on them, and a beach ball for a head) has some clues to share, including that he and Rhino surfed together, though they were terrible at it at first
  • The friend is shown sitting in a blow-up pool chair with a mound of dirt at his feet
  • Surfboards are shown
  • There are three quarters and an arrow pointing up taped to a cooler
  • He says Rhino continued to surf and became "a beast out there"
  • There's a picture of Mars with a cowboy hat on it
  • A map with Missouri and a crown is shown
  • Says his journey on the show has forced him to push and stretch himself
  • "Earlier in life I tried to be what everyone wanted me to be. I became comfortable playing a role"
  • "Airplanes aren't built so they can stay safe in the hangar, they're built to take to the sky," he says
  • His fourth performance is his most "upbeat" and "dance-y" song yet
  • For his super clue, he introduces it by saying he thinks it's funny that the judges think he's an athlete because of his size, and he notes that music has been a passion of his since he was little. "One, I've risen up the Billboard charts, and two, you may even have an album of mine," he says. "So who the heck am I? For a quarter, I'll fish you a clue. You know I'm a risk-taking gambling type, but that's not all this means," he says, as he stands next to an old-looking slot machine.
  • "Now that I'm in the Battle of the Sixes, I need quiet, tranquility, serenity," he says, and Jenny notes that he's so "zen"
  • Says he needs to take his time in nature and reflect as he's seen doing yoga in the hills
  • Mentions having a wife and kids
  • A lone wooden stool is shown, and a flag is in the background
  • Colorful guitar picks are given a closeup
  • Mentions achieving nirvana
  • "I want to show my family it's never too late to rewrite your story"
  • Says he was thinking about his wife "the whole time" during his performance of "Die a Happy Man"
  • He had "some major struggles, personal and professional" before his wife came into the picture
  • A sign that says "Hill Ahead 15 MPH. $30 Fine For High Speed" is shown, with the words hill, 15, and 30 all bolded
  • A picture of three little elephants is shown as he talks about having kids
  • "There's something about meeting the love of your life that makes you a better man," he says as ballet shoes are given a closeup
  • He makes a turkey hand drawing like kids do in elementary school
  • "Earlier in my career, I faced many failures, there was no way I could have ever imagined [this]"
  • He's seen stretching/warming up
  • Says he wore a mask in real life to hide his "shame," but on the show he wears one "for all the right reasons"
  • Seen meditating in his trailer
  • When he's bored he just remembers all the things he has to be grateful for, he says
  • A fern plant, a picture of an airplane, and some white rhino masks are seen in his trailer
  • There are toothpicks laid out in the shape of a 9
  • Says he has some exciting news to share but he can't reveal it until his mask comes off
  • He's shown playing the trombone

On stage:

  • Rhino is taller than Nick
  • First performance: Sang “Have a Little Faith in Me” by John Hiatt
  • Said he danced and danced in his home gym to find his inner kid again
  • Second performance: Sang "Nice to Meet Ya" by Niall Horan
  • His yearbook quote: "Family is very important for success, especially when performing for a king is in your blood."
  • Bonus clue: "I do not enjoy long walks by the water."
  • Third performance: Sang "Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  • His Lego-themed clue featured Rhino and Robin next to a sign that had "1000" on it. "Robin, we think alike. You and I are on the same track, literally," he said.
  • Fourth performance: Sang "What a Man Gotta Do" by Jonas Brothers
  • What he's not: "I'm not nearly as tall as you think I am."
  • Fifth performance: Sang "10,000 Hours" by Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber
  • What was inside his bag: a blue seal, a house, a Tennessee flag, and a stocking with coal in it. The tag says "RhiNO Secrets" and has a bass clef next to it. Of the items, he said, "Panel, it's time to take the rhino by the horn and guess my identity with the clues in this bag."
  • Sixth performance: Sang "Die a Happy Man" by Thomas Rhett
  • His dish is a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Of it, he said, "My favorite dish when I'm in rhino country: cheese, spaghetti, and meatballs. So now, is my name on the tip of your tongue?"
  • Seventh performance: Sang "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" by The Righteous Brothers
  • His borrowed package contains a Navy hat. "I have worn many different hats but this one holds very special meaning," he told the judges.
  • Eighth performance: Sang "Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw
  • Bonus clue is "globes"
  • In his "closer look," the judges notice he has a baby rhino on his jacket

Judges' guesses: Jason Aldean, Tim Tebow, Tim McGraw, Chris Pratt, Ryan Lochte, David Hasselhoff, Will Arnett, Will Ferrell, Vince Gill, Duff McKagan, Derek Jeter, Sam Hunt, Jonathan Scott, Jeff Bridges, Charles Kelley, Barry Zito, Trace Adkins, David James Elliott, Blake Shelton

UPDATE: Rhino was sent home on May 13. See who was under that massive mask here.


  • Swan is seen doing ballet, as Beethoven's "Für Elise" plays
  • Colorful parasols dot the background
  • Says swans are one of the few birds to fly “despite the burden of the weight they carry across the universe"
  • Party decor is hung up on trees and there is a wall with flowers on it
  • Has Swan been around the block? “I’ve played games, I’ve lived fame, I’ve seen shame”
  • One of the background actors carries a giant blow-up heart
  • Vampire fangs and a ghost are shown
  • Tells audience “you won’t know my name”
  • “I’m someone and no one, I’m rerun and no fun. I’m laughing and screaming and nervous all at once”
  • Says she’s “euphoric, flushed with fever, as I bare my soul to you”
  • A background actor blows glitter
  • Says she was nervous last week, but now she "has fallen down the rabbit hole into the most amazing Wonderland"
  • A tea party is shown, with some sort of pink liquid in a shaker bottle being poured into tea cups
  • A Magic Bullet blender is on the table, as are Mardi Gras beads
  • "I know my life seems all new moons and rainbows"
  • A decorative box with different plants on it is shown next to jars of colorful beads or candy
  • Says she came from nothing, and only through "illusions" did she pull her and her family out of that
  • "From a frozen white snowbird" to a "wicked world of sunshine"
  • A glass dolphin figurine with a tag on it that says "Made in Japan" is shown
  • A blue frog stuffed animal is also shown
  • Dedicates her second performance to "a very special someone" and her fans and followers

On stage:

  • Jenny says she is “teeny”
  • First performance: Sang “Fever” by Peggy Lee
  • Chose Swan "because they can fly at 60 mph and I live my life in overdrive — the only way to get things done is to do it fast”
  • Second performance: Sang "I Hate Myself for Loving You" by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  • Her yearbook quote: "I've been the black swan, and against all odds, I've been able to spread my wings for millions to see. Life is truly magical."

Judges' guesses: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nina Dobrev, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mila Kunis, Kristen Stewart, Kristen Bell

UPDATE: Swan was unmasked on March 18. See who was under the disguise.

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