Mr. Peanut

The phoenix rose from the ashes. Buckwheat came back from the dead (over and over again). And now, Mr. Peanut is back!

We mourned the iconic Planters snack food mascot when he died in January at the ripe age of 104, but the company's Super Bowl's ad brought him back to life .

In the new commercial, we found ourselves at Mr. Peanut's funeral. His tombstone read "April 1916 to January 2020." While Planters was formed in 1906, the character itself was created by schoolboy Antonio Gentile, who won a 1916 contest to design the company's brand icon.

"Mr. Peanut, he spent his life bringing people to together. I'd know he'd be happy that we are all together now," said Wesley Snipes, who eulogized the dapper peanut in the ad. Planters' previous video showed him heroically sacrificing himself to save Snipes and Matt Walsh.

In attendance were Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man, who let out a somber "Oh, yeah."

The fruity pitcher then apparently shed magical tears on the grave (truly a wild sentence to type), which led to the resurrection of Mr. Peanut into Baby Nut.

Walsh picked up Baby Nut, who was sporting an enormous top hat and uttered dolphin noises.

"Just kidding, I'm back," Baby Nut said.

As everyone cheered, the newly reborn mascot wondered out loud, "Where's my monocle?"

We know the internet will have a lot to say about the name "Baby Nut," so let the social media reactions begin.

Some people are loving the character, while many users are commenting that Planters is trying to capitalize on the success of baby pop-culture characters like Baby Yoda, but botched it by giving the mascot such an offbeat name. Others are already making PG-13 memes using the commercial.

Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd wrote, "To think, we were all alive to witness #babynut used causally in a Super Bowl commercial."

"#BabyNut was not the move," organizer Deray McKesson tweeted.

Here are more social media reactions:

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Mr. Peanut
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