“Escobar. Cali. The Colombians are no longer in charge. It’s my turn.”

In the first trailer for Narcos: Mexico season 2, Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna) is ready to become the most powerful man in the drug business. But it won’t be easy, considering DEA agent Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy) has arrived, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to take down those responsible for Kiki Camarena’s (Michael Peña) death. “You want to dismantle an empire?” asks Calderoni (Julio Cesar Cedillo). “Divide it.”

And the war between the different factions is clearly coming to a head, with Gallardo declaring, “Now you’ll see what happens when the cage breaks open and all the animals run free.”

“I think where Félix Gallardo’s dream began, there was some legitimacy to it, you understood it,” showrunner Eric Newman tells EW. “And then what it became and where it went once the government got involved and once the rules kept getting rewritten, that is very much what this season is about, this acceleration into chaos. There’s a heaviness to it that we didn’t have in the Colombian chapters, even though there were many tragedies. You could find victory in it, it’s a lot harder to find that in Mexico.”

Season 2 of Narcos: Mexico begins streaming Feb. 13 on Netflix.

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