Aaron Hernandez’s brother Jonathan is speaking out for the first time about the Netflix docuseries Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez while visiting The Dr. Oz Show. In previews released from the exclusive interview, Hernandez addresses questions about his sibling, the former New England Patriots superstar who was convicted in 2015 of murdering of his friend Odin Lloyd, and then died by suicide while in prison in 2017.

Speculation was rampant that Lloyd, who was dating Aaron’s fiancée’s sister at the time of his death, had discovered Aaron had homosexual relationships and he was worried Lloyd would disclose his secret.

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“That’s one of the questions and, you know, head scratches that they still have regarding really this entire case,” Jonathan tells host Dr. Oz in the episode airing on Jan. 30. “You look at everything. There’s just so many questions regarding everything. And, for me to sit here and say it was this or that, I can’t say. All you can do is look at the evidence that was provided.”

The documentary delves into the Hernandez brothers’ lives growing up with an abusive father, who Jonathan says would not have been accepting of Aaron being homosexual.

“I don’t know if he would have been able to finish his sentence,” Jonathan says in response to Oz’s question about how their father would’ve reacted if Aaron said he had conflicted feelings about his sexuality. “I don’t know at all, I really don’t. I can’t imagine him even being able to or my dad would have thought he could beat that out of him.”

He added about their father’s pattern of abuse, “I don’t think ‘beat’ is really even the word that can be expressed when you literally have to blow on your brother’s wounds because of the creases of a belt or handprint in your body, and the burning sensation it has. You now have a rule that in your household, you can get beat, but you stay away from the face, so other people can’t notice.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jonathan is overcome with emotions as he recalls hearing his brother’s voice in the docuseries.

“I think [it’s] so powerful, and at least to me it…” he begins before becoming overwhelmed, continuing through tears, “…is something that’s hard to deal with but also beautiful in the same aspects, as conflicting that is, because there’s limited experiences where you hear that. … To hear his voice throughout it was like he was alive.”

Aaron’s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins also addresses questions about his sexuality in an ABC News interview, her first since the controversial docuseries debuted Jan. 15.

“You can’t describe someone’s sexuality without them being here,” Jenkins says about what should’ve been left out of the docuseries. “Although I’ve had a child with Aaron, I still can’t tell you how he was feeling inside. No one can.”

She adds, “If he did feel that way, or if he felt the urge, I wish that I was told. I wish he would’ve told me because I would not have loved him any differently. I would’ve understood. It’s not shameful and I don’t think anybody should feel shameful of who they are inside, regardless of who they love. I think it’s a beautiful thing. I just wish I was able to tell him that.”

While Jenkins declined offers to participate in Killer Inside, Aaron’s attorney Jose Baez did appear in the docuseries. He shares her issues with it discussing his client’s sexuality. “I can understand some people’s curiosity, I just simply did not agree with it,” he previously told EW. “I had voiced that to them on another occasion, and apparently, those pleas fell on deaf ears. I don’t see how any of that fits into the story, and I realize that there will be those that disagree.”

Watch Jonathan Hernandez’s full interview Thursday on The Dr. Oz Show, which airs weekdays in syndication.

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