Moira Rose (Catherine O'Hara) makes her long-awaited debut as Dr. Clara Mandrake.

Please. Quiet your caws so that we may take up our cause and watch the first trailer for The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening, the long-gestating apocalyptic horror film from Sunrise Bay soap star Moira Rose.

Rose portrays ornithologist Dr. Clara Mandrake in this sequel to The Crows Have Eyes and The Crows Have Eyes 2. She herself may or may not be one of the mutant crows that kickstart the crow-pocalypse.

“The crows have eyes,” the narrator says, “and you better not look them in it.”

The footage marks the first official peek at the highly anticipated film from up-and-coming director Blaire (no last name) since the project hit a few developmental speed bumps. The Crows Have Eyes 3 was filmed on location on the Bosnian Riviera with producers from Crows Eyes III Productions Ltd. Co. Sources close to the production say Blaire was frustrated with having to make the film to begin with and even went so far as to call his agent while on set to ask, “I find it hard to believe that this was the best gig you could’ve gotten me.” Rose was also said to have contributed significant reworks to the script as filming commenced.

Despite the drama, local Bosnians deemed the sequel “a stunning reinvigoration of the Crows Have Eyes franchise,” according to “a loose translation” from Rose while she was on at least one “Bosnian upper” (but probably two).

After principal photography wrapped, the film was shelved indefinitely but was later picked up for distribution by new streaming service Interflix, which set the film’s premiere for 2020.

If you have absolutely no idea what the heck we’re talking about, we’ll drop the shtick. The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening is the fictional movie-within-a-show on Pop TV’s Schitt’s Creek. Catherine O’Hara plays Rose, who, on this week’s episode of the hit comedy, will be having a predictably Moira-level reaction when the movie’s first trailer arrives. The previously mentioned events were all chronicled on prior seasons of the show.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) set up a promotional Twitter account for fake streamer Interflix, which has been tweeting out updates to The Crows Have Eyes 3 in anticipation of the trailer release. Now, we can watch it in all its glory, caws and all.

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