As True Detective‘s Rustin Cohle, Matthew McConaughey once said, “Time is a flat circle. Everything we have done or will do we will do over and over and over again forever.” Might this be the case for the Oscar-winning actor and Nic Pizzolatto.

Pizzolatto, the creator of HBO’s True Detective, the limited series that helped fuel the modern McConaissance, will reunite with his former star on Redeemer, a new drama series that received a script-to-series order from FX.

Redeemer is inspired by Patrick Coleman’s debut novel The Churchgoer. McConaughey will star as “a former minister turned dissolute security guard, whose search for a missing woman in Texas leads him through a corruption and criminal conspiracy, as his past and present impact and entwine around a mystery of escalating violence and deceit.”

Pizzolatto, who created Redeemer, will executive produce with McConaughey. This also marks the beginning of an overall production deal the TV writer signed with Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions (FXP). McConaughey, too, signed his own first-look production deal with FXP. So, expect more small-screen work to come from these two.

True DetectiveSeason 1 - Season FinaleMatthew McConaughey
Credit: Lacey Terrell/HBO

“I’m very excited at the opportunity to work with Matthew again, and really grateful and thrilled to have the chance to create new shows for Fox 21 and FX,” Pizzolatto said.

True Detective season 1 premiered in January 2014 and helped re-introduce McConaughey to the public as a dramatic actor. The series followed the debut of Dallas Buyers Club, which won him the Oscar for Best Actor in the same year. McConaughey was subsequently nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe for his portrayal of Rustin. Most recently, the 50-year-old actor was seen on screen in Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen.

Pizzolatto continued to produce the subsequent seasons of True Detective in an anthology format with various casts. He also worked on the screenplay for Ghost Army, starring Ben Affleck.

“We are thrilled to begin our creative partnership with Nic Pizzolatto and Matthew McConaughey on Redeemer, who are back together for the first time since the first season of HBO’s True Detective,” FX Entertainment President Eric Schrier said in a statement. “We’re also incredibly excited about our overall deal with Nic and look forward to developing new projects with him and our partners Fox 21 Television Studios, and we’re equally excited to be developing projects with Matthew through his first look deal with FXP.”

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