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Kumail Nanjiani is surprised pizza still tastes really great. He forgot what it feels like to bite into that heavenly mix of melted cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, and hot dough since he started getting ripped for his role in Marvel’s The Eternals. And he has Jimmy Kimmel to thank for breaking his diet. No, not breaking. Obliterating.

After hearing Nanjiani’s tale about suffering for one’s art — i.e. his workout and diet routine to get into superhero shape — Kimmel showered the actor with a carousel of cakes and pies. Then he had Guillermo bring out pizza, so Nanjiani could truly grub.

It such a pure moment of joy. “This is for me?! For me, Kumail?! Are you serious?!” the interviewee exclaimed.

“I have not had pizza or a donut in over a year,” Nanjiani explained earlier on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I’ve had no refined sugar in a year. I’ve had almost no carbs at all. You know what my snack has been?! I tell people, ‘Actually, it’s not that bad.’ You know what my snack has been?! I get a bag of sugar snap peas and I eat them. That’s what I’ve been doing.”

Nanjiani takes the role of Kingo in The Eternals, which also features Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, and Kit Harington. The Oscar-nominated writer behind The Big Sick shared his own “thirsty shirtless” photo in December to commemorate his transformation, and he told Kimmel it “exploded” everywhere.

“A lot of people would do two side-by-side pictures and be like, ‘Can you believe this turned into this?’ And it’s just a picture of me from a year and a half ago looking how I’ve looked my entire life,” Nanjiani said. “They were like, ‘Can you believe this garbage-pooping sea monster turned into this?’ Was I leaving a trail of slime behind me? I was normal looking.”

Now, he can binge. He earned it.

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