Tracee Ellis Ross is celebrating the new year by fulfilling a big dream — starring in a Super Bowl commercial.

The Black-ish actress will star in a spot for Mtn Dew Zero Sugar during the big game that recreates a scene from iconic horror film The Shining.

Ross spoke to about her Super Bowl plans and the other dream she’s had for years that has so far been elusive.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Greetings to the newest scream queen on the scene! Your Instagram proves you’ve got what it takes for the horror genre, did you know you had that scream in you?
TRACEE ELLIS ROSS: Thank you very much! I really feel honored to take that title on. It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. I had no idea I had so much scream in me. A big thank you to Mtn Dew Zero [Sugar] for the opportunity to reach deep inside my bag of tricks and pull out a scream I never knew I had.

You have a spectacular career, what made you want to be in a commercial?
This opportunity was the perfect aligning of the planets. I got a call asking me if I wanted to do a Mtn Dew Zero [Sugar] commercial and I said, “Yeah!” I remember the one with Peter Dinklage, Missy Elliot, and Morgan Freeman, the one that was combined with Doritos. That was so funny to me that I just remember laughing out loud and saying, “This is so amazing!” This was all a bit of a dream come true for me. I’ve always thought, “Maybe one day, I could do a Super Bowl commercial?” This really could not have been better.

Will you be at the Super Bowl in Miami? Who will you be cheering for?
Ok, I’ll be totally honest. I don’t know who is playing. I don’t know anything about football. What I love is the Super Bowl halftime show that started for me when my mother [Diana Ross] performed during the halftime show and left in a helicopter. I was in total awe! To me, the Super Bowl is about these guys in helmets who introduce the commercials and the halftime show. This year, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl from home waiting to see myself when the commercial airs live. I do wish them all luck and I hope one of them wins!

Diana Ross
Credit: Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Speaking of your mom Diana Ross, Saturday Night Live recently announced their list of upcoming hosts and musical guests and many of your fans were upset not to see you listed as a host. Other Tweets suggested your mom would be the perfect musical guest. Are you interested?
Is this true? Are people really saying this? Well, it’s my dream. I can’t speak for my mom, I don’t know if it would be her dream but I know it’s mine. And my mom supports my dreams. I think this is a great idea and maybe we can make that happen? Maybe Twitter should just go crazy and really let them know what they want to see. Make sure they tweet at all the right people.

If not your mom, is there anyone else in mind that you’d like to have as your musical guest?
There are so many great musical artists. I think personally that my mom is the best. But, I’m not sure. I’ve never thought that through? Maybe I should be the musical guest? Maybe I can be like Harry Styles? Why not?

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