Devil's Bargain

He escaped the trunk! After appearing in season 14 — and ending the episode in the trunk of the Impala — Garth is back for the final season of Supernatural in what has been described as one of the season’s more meta episodes. And for fans, it will be a look at the normal life Garth has created for himself. “He’s back at home, he’s a dentist, his wife has had two children, which brings the total to three,” DJ Qualls says.

But not everything in Garth’s life is normal. “A situation arises where there’s some sneaky werewolf business going on, so he summons the boys to our farm,” Qualls says. And yet, the boys will find themselves in a situation where Garth might need to help them. “On the way there, some stuff starts to go wrong for them,” Qualls continues. “Their luck basically is running out. The episode’s called ‘The Heroes’ Journey,’ and it sort of has a double meaning, because in this episode, it’s about the boys sort of losing a bit of their hero shine and it’s a little bit about Garth finding his.”

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And that hero shine will involve a “special skill” of Garth’s that Qualls can’t reveal but promises will make for a very memorable scene. Altogether, Qualls says the episode involves “lots of laughs and a lot of pathos.” As Qualls puts it, “There’s some really nice feeling moments in this. It feels like the boys come to visit a family member.”

This will mark Garth’s sixth episode on the series and the end of a journey Qualls never could’ve expected, particularly considering he nearly turned down the role years ago. “Originally, when they approached me to do the show, I didn’t want to do it,” Qualls recalls. “I’d never seen it before and it was a 7-year-old show about two really handsome guys killing things, and just in terms of actor vanity, I didn’t want to be on a show where I’m not just less good looking than the two leads, but significantly so. And they sent me an episode, and I think it’s where Sam falls down a hole and goes to hell. Out of context I was like, ‘This makes no sense.’ But then I started talking to my friends about it, and they’re like, ‘Supernatural? I watch that every week!’ So I went on and did it, and I’d known a little success in my career, but I’d never known cult fame like this, like people at the grocery store calling me Garth. It’s actually changed my life in a really profound, positive way. And I’m so happy to be a part of the show and so thankful that the producers loved the character enough that they gave him this beautifully written send-off. It’s very, very special what they wrote and I’m so excited for everyone to see it.”

When it comes to filming his last episode on the series, which will air its series finale on May 18, Qualls admits he got emotional leaving set for the last time. “It’s mixed emotions. I cried in the van back to the hotel [after filming],” he says. “I sat in the back and cried a little bit when I said goodbye to everybody. And then I went out to a bar and had some drinks and just remembered all the good times.”

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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