SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

We have our theme, with all-winners. We have our players, with the names of the 20 former champions invited to return. And now we have our tribes.

While several clues have already been released via various CBS season promos, we can now officially reveal the two tribes that will be doing battle at the outset of Survivor: Winners at War (premiering Feb. 12 on CBS). And battle is the operative word, as the teams will be thrown into an immediate immunity challenge right off the bat.

The contestants were separated by gender before the game, with the women staying at one location and the men at the other. While the two groups were brought to the same island to do pre-game photographs and interviews, they were placed on opposite ends of the island so as not to see each other. Due to this separation, some contestants assumed the tribes would split among gender lines.

Instead, while the men and women arrived separately at the Winners at War marooning and then enjoyed a special season 40 champagne toast, they were then given their buffs and divided into two mixed tribes. The two tribes are:

DAKAL (Red tribe)
Tyson Apostol
Sophie Clarke
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Wendell Holland
Yul Kwon
Sarah Lacina
Amber Mariano
Kim Spradlin-Wolfe
Tony Vlachos
Nick Wilson

SELE (Blue tribe)
Natalie Anderson
Danni Boatwright
Jeremy Collins
Ben Driebergen
Michele Fitzgerald
Adam Klein
Rob Mariano
Parvati Shallow
Denise Stapley
Ethan Zohn

Of note on the Dakal tribe is that Tyson and Sandra played together on Heroes vs. Villains, while Sandra and Tony came after each other on the Game Changers season. And Tony and Sarah played closely together on Survivor: Cagayan, with Sarah later crediting Tony’s strategy for helping her to win Game Changers. In addition, Tyson and Sandra both played with Amber’s husband on Heroes vs. Villains — with Sandra and Rob also serving as mentors on Island of the Idols, which completed filming just a few weeks before Winners at War.

On the Sele side, Natalie and Jeremy were allies on San Juan del Sur, Parvati and Rob were on the same tribe (but separate sides) in Heroes vs. Villains, while Ethan and Rob were not exactly best buddies when they appeared together way back Survivor: All-Stars.

How any of these prior relationships impact the game remains to be seen, but there are even more relationships outside of the game among the 20 former champions that could play a much bigger factor in how things shake out.

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