The internet's new celebrity chef has a whole new reason to say "That's hot!"

Paris Hilton, forever evolving multi-hyphenate heiress, begins her YouTube cooking show by saying, “As you all know — well maybe not all of you know — the people who do know, know that I am an amazing cook.”

And so starts The Simple Life star’s off-the-rails tutorial on how to make lasagna.

Right out the gate, Hilton is already feeling like she didn’t properly prepare, recommending viewers learn from her mistakes and buy mozzarella that’s already grated, and lasagna noodles that are already steamed. While adding some mozzarella to her ricotta mix, and grinding Himalayan salt onto the meat seem like pro tips, Hilton decides to nix the onions and garlic to avoid the added labor, and uses a barbecue tool to stir her beef.

Hilton intentionally throws out her new catchphrase “sliving,” a combination of slay and living, to explain the purpose of the fingerless gloves she wears throughout the video, but her trademark uttering of “that’s hot” comes in a way one wouldn’t expect.

The celebrity chef ends her 15-minute cooking video asking for suggestions for what to cook next. For her sake, she hopefully has the right ingredients next time; for viewers’ sake, hopefully she does not.

Watch the full video above.

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