It will be very difficult for readers of Marvel comics to separate their vision of Tony Stark from Robert Downey Jr., and the reverse is also true. Now that Downey is known primarily as the actor who kick-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his portrayal of Iron Man, it can be hard to remember that he was once a Saturday Night Live cast member. But when Downey appeared on The Tonight Show Wednesday to promote his new film Dolittle, he and host Jimmy Fallon commiserated over their worst experiences on SNL.

Downey was on SNL during the 1985-86 season, which he freely described as “arguably the worst season in its history.” Downey wrote a sketch called “Suitcase Boy” that never ended up airing — probably for the best.

“I came out with a suitcase zipped around my neck and said a bunch of non-sequiturs,” Downey recalled. “It was so not funny, except to me and my weirdo friends. I was literally sweating mortar shells.”

Don’t worry, viewers — Fallon had an actual photo of Downey dressed as Suitcase Boy to back up the story.

For his part, Fallon recalled a cut sketch he had written about Plate Boy and Cup Boy, and even aired it for the first time. Watch the clip above, after which hopefully all aspiring SNL cast members learn to avoid pitching sketches based around “SOMETHING-Boy.”

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