Star Wars’ daddy, meet your cutest offspring.

The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau shared a photo on Twitter Thursday showcasing Star Wars creator George Lucas cuddling the Baby Yoda puppet on what appears to be The Mandalorian set.

Credit: Disney; Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic

The master becomes the student as he peers in what we can only assume is a blend of awe and admiration at the tiny creature inspired by the universe of characters he created, most especially, the crafty Jedi Master Yoda himself. In this photo, Lucas learns that when it comes to “The Child,” there is only one response — to love him.

This is the way.

Baby Yoda has melted the hearts of practically everyone who’s encountered so much as a stray GIF of the little guy (known formally by the powers that be at Lucasfilm as The Child) from the moment he first hit screens back in November.


The breakout star of The Mandalorian has charmed the coldest of hearts (even if some stormtroopers couldn’t resist punching him), becoming the balm of goodness we all require in this cold, cold world. Laura Dern even has a thing for him.

The Mandalorian director Bryce Dallas Howard paid tribute to his impact in a New Year’s Day Instagram post a few weeks ago. “I’ve been reflecting on the past year and if I’m being 100% honest, one of the most significant highlights was watching Baby (Yoda) come to life on @themandalorian. It’s unreal how this little one has genuinely lifted so many spirits! Myself included!” she wrote.


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