Plus, Emily Hampshire unpacks Stevie's big post-Cabaret move.

For the record, Dan Levy has never wet the bed in his life. “I say that as an adult not remembering most of my childhood,” the Schitt’s Creek creator jokes on this week’s edition of the EW On Set podcast. His sister, Sarah Levy, who plays Twyla on the Pop TV sitcom, can confirm he’s no perpetrator of the nocturnal oopsie daisies. That said, the concept made for comedic gold on the second episode of the current season.

“The Incident” begins with a nightmare made real: David (Levy) accidentally wets the bed he shares with fiancé Patrick (Noah Reid). Even worse, though David still doesn’t know this, Moira (Catherine O’Hara) accidentally live-streamed a conversation about it over social media. Peeing the bed is something David used to do as a kid whenever he was really excited about something, and it seems his impending wedding bliss brought it up again.

“I think we were thinking about strange, intimate, personal things that you would only really know if you were to live with someone,” Levy says. “And the idea of David wetting the bed was something that we thought was really funny and physical and incredibly intimate and something that he had kept from Patrick and something that would really break down that barrier real fast in terms of, okay, now we’re engaged and these are the kinds of things we’re going to be learning about each other — the minutia, if you will. So yeah, we committed to the bed wetting, and it was very fun to play.”

Also from this week’s podcast installment, Emily Hampshire discusses Stevie’s big post-Cabaret move, choosing to see what’s out there for her instead of going all in with Johnny (Eugene Levy) on the Rosebud motel.

“We end the show [in season 5] on the first opening night of Cabaret, but the show goes on and that’s like two weeks [later], let’s say,” Hampshire says. “Starting this season, I imagine what that would be like for Stevie to every day have a show to put on. And I know myself that when you do that you start to live in this bubble and this world and the rules of the outside world don’t apply… I imagine she could really get into that, and especially, with Moira and Stevie, she’s always, I don’t think she would admit this but in need of a family.”

Listen to the full podcast above.

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