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Thank God, Insecure is coming back soon.

On Wednesday, HBO unveiled the first teaser for season 4 of Issa Rae‘s coming-of-age comedy, which returns April 12 after not airing a new episode since fall 2018. While the promo doesn’t reveal too much about what’s in store in season 4, it does tease that Rae’s character Issa still has her mirror-rapping skills and is planning on leveling up in the new 10 episodes. In fact, that’s actually the theme of the season.

“This season is about our characters leveling up, entering the next phase in their life, when they’re deciding to be intentional about a lot of the things that they’re doing,” Rae told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour on Thursday. “Issa specifically has quit her job and she’s pursuing this passion. Molly is in her first real relationship in a very long time and kind of prioritizing that and balancing her work and relationship.”

And Lawrence? Well, he’s struggling with how seemingly impossible it is to have the right relationship, financial situation, and apartment at the same time. “You can’t have all three things at once, and I think Lawrence is just trying to level up on his own,” she said. “So those are some of the things that we’re tackling in addition to the fallout that happens when you’re turning 30, the relationships, the friendships that you have to work at in a different way, that some things fade out.”

In Insecure‘s season 3 finale, Issa the character made some movement toward growth (shoutout to that iconic Kelli gif) by turning her Nathan down when he tried to re-enter her life after ghosting her. Instead of jumping back into that situation, she asked for time to figure out what she wants and went back to her apartment alone.

Watch the teaser above.

Insecure returns Sunday, April 12 on HBO.

Additional reporting from Sydney Bucksbaum.

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Issa Rae - Insecure
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