All good things must come to an end, even in Hollywoo. When BoJack Horseman launched in 2014, it became one of the first critically-acclaimed Netflix originals for its heady mix of cartoon animal humor, meta commentary on pop culture, and an unabashed look at depression, addiction, and inherited trauma. Years later, with Netflix TV shows firmly enshrined in culture, BoJack Horseman is saying goodbye. The first half of the sixth and final season premiered Oct. 25, and a new trailer teases the final batch of episodes set to hit the service on Jan. 31.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes,” BoJack says in voiceover in the new trailer. “But I look back at that old BoJack and think, who is that? I’ve had a lot of what I thought were rock bottoms, only to discover another, rockier bottom underneath.”

Over the course of the series, BoJack has, among other things, tried to seduce an old friend’s underage daughter, driven his young former co-star to a fatal overdose, violently choked out a different costar on a film set, and allowed his mother to poison and manipulate his step-sister. His fame and wealth protected him from the consequences of most of these actions, and in the first batch of season 6 episodes, BoJack even successfully got sober after a stay at a rehab clinic. Once he stopped dying his hair and took a professor job at Wesleyan University (whose motto in this world is, apparently, “MacArthur fellows to the left of me, Nobel laureates to the right, and here I am, stuck in the Middletown with you”) it seemed like this old horse actor was finally turning his life around. But the final moments of the mid-season finale revealed that many of the people he’s harmed are still hurting.

So will BoJack face a reckoning or a happy ending in his finale? Watch the new trailer above, and stay tuned for those final episodes on Jan. 31.

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