With The Tonight Show back in the swing of things after the holidays, it’s about that time for Jimmy Fallon to put celebrities into uncomfortable situations again.

Selena Gomez was his latest victim for the game of Can You Feel It?, in which guests place their hands inside mystery boxes and try to guess whatever gross (or not gross) objects they might be feeling up. Unlike a lot of Fallon’s previous guests, however, Gomez was pretty chill about everything… until she realized she was touching a bunch of living meal worms. She looked at Fallon’s face as he peaked inside the box and that was that.

The Purell lady on hand to disinfect their hands got a workout on Monday night.

Call it suffering for one’s art, since Gomez released new music recently, as well as a music video for her song “Rare,” and now she has promote it. But promoting things with Fallon is not like promoting things with other late-night hosts.

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