It's "Big Willie" time!

Introducing Jimmy and “Big Willie”!

Will Smith, always a willing participant in whatever wild late-night shenanigans Jimmy Fallon‘s producers have in store for The Tonight Show, joined forces with the host to perform an original rap about… well, himself.

It’s the hip-hop version of the history of Will Smith as performed by Will Smith.

The song begins with Smith’s intro to rap as The Fresh Prince opposite DJ Jazzy in 1985. “Will rocked the house ‘til it turned to rubble/ Every time I told y’all ‘girls ain’t nothing but trouble,'” they rapped in reference to his 1987 song.

“Then I was rappin’ just to make bus fare/ Then I moved in with my auntie and uncle in Bel-Air,” Smith later spit, obviously about the show that made his acting career, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The song continues through “aliens on my turf” in Independence Day, the Men in Black “keepin’ a file,” “Wild Wild West, Enemy of the State-est,” and even Shark Tale. (‘Memba that movie?)

And now Smith stars in Bad Boys for Life opposite Martin Lawrence. The end… for now.

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