Randall Pearson might have some competition as one of TV’s best dads — but luckily, he’s still played by Sterling K. Brown.

Brown lends his voice talents to the new Netflix series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts as Lio, father to the series’ main character Kipo (Karen Fukuhara). In this exclusive clip, we see Kipo and Lio in a heartwarming domestic moment. While making dinner, Lio steps back to strum an old lullaby on his guitar alongside Kipo, reminding her that the most important thing they have is each other.

From DreamWorks Animation and creator Radford Sechrist, the series follows Kipo in a post-apocalyptic world where most humans have been forced to live underground after animals began mutating. When one of those animals, known as Mutes, attacks Kipo’s burrow, she is flung into the surface world, a wondrous land of fantastical creatures. There, she befriends a ragtag group of survivors, who all assist her on her journey to find her way home to her father.

“I love post-apocalyptic-type stuff, so I started making my own version — and I guess it came out a little weird and quirky with my own sensibility,” Sechrist said in a statement. “It’s a fun, vibrant apocalypse.”

Brown has been building quite the résumé these last few years, winning Emmys for both American Crime Story and This Is Us. But recent months have introduced us to his stellar pipes and his penchant for nailing voice characters. We got to hear a smidge of his singing in a supporting role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s third season, and he showed off his vocal talents in Frozen II.

The song from this clip is just one of many in the series, with its soundtrack and musical elements spanning genres and styles.

All 10 episodes of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts first season hit Netflix Jan. 14. Watch the clip above for more.

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