Jessica may be an only child from Chicago, but soon the Parasite movie will not be the only version of the story from Bong Joon Ho.

A few days after the South Korean director’s black comedy-thriller won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film, Bong and Adam McKay (The Big Short, Vice) are in talks to bring a Parasite limited series to HBO.

Credit: Courtesy of NEON CJ Entertainment

The two award-winning filmmakers will serve as executive producers on the project. It’s currently unclear how the series will be connected to the film, which deals with class tension via the chronicling of the lower-class Kim family’s attempt to infiltrate the rich Park family’s household one person at a time.

“This film expresses chaos in a very organized manner,” Bong previously told EW. “The creator can’t be the one in chaos. I have to very meticulously deliver this chaos for the audience, and I feel a lot of excitement from that process. The storyboard was actually published in Korea, and will be published in the U.S. as well. If you look at the storyboard, particularly with the climactic sequence, the storyboard is almost exactly the same as the finished film. That’s how organized and meticulous I was with creating that chaos. I hope the audience feels a lot of excitement from that particular cinematic moment. So I have a meticulous storyboard, but I always have my actors. They still remain alive and uncontrollable. They’re a wild beast, in a good way.”

Parasite is expected to nab several Oscar nominations when they’re announced on Monday.

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