The main character of FX's upcoming show Devs has the same question that fans of writer/director Alex Garland's previous work on Ex Machina and Annihilation have been asking ever since the project was announced: "What is Devs?" Now, thanks to the release of the first full trailer at the TCAs on Thursday, we know a little bit more of the answer to that question.

After her boyfriend's apparent death by suicide, Lily Chan (Sonoya Mizuno) is determined to find out the truth about what happened. All roads lead to Devs, the secret development division of tech company Amaya, led by Forest (Nick Offerman). But whatever the mystery here, it clearly goes deeper than just one woman and her boyfriend. When Lily does make it to an underground chamber made of mysterious architecture and bathed in golden light, she asks what's inside.

"Everything," responds Stewart (Stephen McKinley Henderson).

To find out the truth, we'll have to wait until Devs premieres March 5 on FX on Hulu. Watch the trailer above.

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