Let's talk about S-E-X!

The new trailer for season 2 of Netflix's raunchy dramedy Sex Education is here — and it's plenty educational. There's nothing like your sex therapist mother dropping by your high school to start an open conversation with your classmates about sexual health to kick off a new term! After last season ended with Otis (Asa Butterfield) moving on from his seemingly-unrequited crush on Maeve (Emma Mackey) and getting together with Ola (Patricia Allison), he has decided to leave the sex clinic he and Maeve opened in season one behind him — we'll see how long that resolve lasts though, considering there's a chlamydia outbreak on canvas.

While the students deal with that, um, unfortunate development, Otis and Ola try to take their relationship to the next level but their plans are somewhat derailed by the progression of the romance between Otis' mom, Jean (Gillian Anderson) and (Jakob) Mikael Persbrandt. Isn't it supposed to be the parents that walk in on their kids having sex, not the other way round? "You finally get a girlfriend and she's basically your sister," Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) chides Otis in the clip. Elsewhere, things are looking up for Eric when a new French boy enrolls in their high school and asks him out.

The trailer is packed with musical numbers, fights and — of course — plenty of sex, so naturally the clinic is back in business by the end of the clip.

Sex Education season 2 comes to Netflix on Jan. 17.

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