Facebook might be the go-to site for sharing wedding pics — but that doesn’t mean EW can’t get in on the action too!

Ahead of Sunday’s episode of God Friended Me, we’ve got a sneak peek at Trish (Erica Gimpel) and Arthur’s (Joe Morton) nuptials. After plenty of ups and downs and even a breakup, the happy couple is finally set to make it down the aisle this weekend. EW stopped by the New York set of the CBS feel-good drama to watch the nuptials unfold — in a church, on possibly the coldest day of winter so far — and chat to the cast about the big day, the God Account, and what’s to come on the back half of the show’s second season.


The last couple of episodes saw Arthur and Trish get back on track — after multiple occasions where Arthur continuously put his career ambitions above a promise of a peaceful life in retirement with Trish — and they couldn’t get down the aisle fast enough, re-planning a wedding in no time at all. Once at the church, it’s a time of reflection for all the characters, as they all are inspired to contemplate how to succeed in their relationship. “Miles is getting to see the type of life that he could possibly have to give up,” says Brandon Micheal Hall, reflecting on the fact the God Account seems to be implying he must sacrifice his relationship with Cara (Violett Beane) in order to continue his work as a prophet. “It’s an on-going struggle and battle for him.”

Morton sees a parallel in that struggle Miles is going through and his own character’s. “Interestingly enough, I think as much as Miles is becoming more faithful to the God Account, they’re portraying Arthur as a lot more human with making choices between his job and his life with Trish — in terms of how ambitious is he in terms of wanting to be Bishop as opposed to what his responsibilities are at home,” says Morton. “So it’s a kind of an interesting balance between what Miles is going through and what Arthur is going through.”

For Gimpel, considering the sacrifices we have to make in a relationship is one of the things the show does best. “We’ve really been exploring what the kind of shifts you have to make internally to commit with a person,” she says from the back of the Manhattan church, dressed in the sparkliest of wedding dresses. “We’ve navigated the compromise and also how the vision of the way your life’s going to be is disrupted when someone comes into it and you’re like, ‘Oh, wow, I want to make adjustments to honor that person to honor what they need and what I need.'”

Credit: David Giesbrecht/CBS

For the last few episodes, Miles has been trying desperately to figure out what adjustments he can make so that he and Cara can get their slightly ambiguous relationship status back on course. Since weddings are a time for reflection, Cara’s doing some similar processing — helped by the presence of a new friend suggestions, of course! “You have this beautiful wedding happening with Trish and Arthur and then you have this friend suggestion who’s who’s going through a tough spot and might be losing the love that they once had for each other,” explains Beane. “This episode also asks, is friendship arguably more important than love? Miles and Cara have this parallel with this week’s friend suggestion and they have to figure out what the next move is, what their path can be and if it’s possible to be friends outside of love, or to love outside of friendship. It’s all about the weaving and intertwining of both of those things.”

And Miles and Cara aren’t the only ones dealing with some turbulence in their relationship. After Rakesh (Suraj Sharma) got a little excited a few episodes back and proposed to Jaya (Shazi Raja), their relationship ended up unraveling altogether. “Rakesh did jump the gun a little,” says Sharma. “But the wedding makes him reconsider and makes him think about how to make things right and how to actually prove to her — what’s pretty obvious to him — that they’re meant to be. He’s pushing; he was pushing a little too hard, but hopefully they figure it out.”

After the happily-ever-after, the God squad still have to figure out if their new lead on who’s behind the account is viable and if finding the person (if it is indeed a person?) will in fact free Miles to fully reconcile his relationship with Cara. But regardless of what their Facebook relationship status ends up being, Hall has an optimistic outlook on the whole thing. “Nowadays it’s hard for us to understand, — especially because there’s such an instant gratification with Facebook and everything — but they find a deeper meaning to their relationship,” he says, even if it’s not necessarily a romantic one. “And that actually makes it a stronger than where they are now. They’re going to go through their trials and tribulations, but at the very end of it, we’re going to see them on a different level. I think that this particular episode is going to hit a lot of people.”

God Friended Me airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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