The actor tweets a fan video "was taken out of context."
Outlander Season 4 2018

UPDATED: Sam Heughan tweeted there was “no harm” and that a video with a female fan “was all taken out of context” during Saturday’s Wizard World convention in New Orleans.

Sam Heughan's Signature Collection Launch
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The Outlander actor tweeted that he and a fan were “messing around and being silly on stage” when the fan can be seen reaching toward Heughan’s behind when he wasn’t looking. Online readers expressed outrage after seeing amateur video from the event that celebrates pop culture.

The Outlander star was one of the celebrity guests of the annual Wizard World events. He was on stage participating in what was billed as an Outlander trivia showdown when the incident occurred. The 39-year-old actor immediately looked in her direction and stepped back as she coyly tilted her head. In video of the interaction shared on Twitter, the moderator can be heard saying, “no, no, no, no” while some members of the audience react with laughter.

A second video on Twitter from another angle showed the woman did not actually make contact with the actor, although some fans expressed outrage at her attempt.

Besides participating in a Q&A session Saturday, Heughan also availed himself to fans for one-on-one and group photographs who paid upwards of $200 for the opportunity.

Heughan was in New Orleans to help promote the fifth season of Outlander, which returns Feb. 16 to Starz.

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