The Mandalorian finale contained several big revelations expanding the mythology of the Disney+ series — and had a pair of cameos that you might have missed.

Spoilers ahead for the season one finale of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian
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The Mandalorian’s face: Mando finally permitted his helmet to be removed by IG-11 in order for the droid to save his life. And Mando looks like… well, he looks exactly like star Pedro Pascal, with no alterations to his appearance.

The Mandalorian’s name: Din Djarin. (Pascal previously let this slip in an interview).

The Mandalorian’s backstory: Stitching together fragments from previous episodes, we’re told Mando is not from Mandalore. His family was killed during an attack by B2 Super Battle Droids — which is why he mistrusts droids so much. He was rescued by a squad of Mandalorians and raised as one of their own. It’s unclear who was commanding those Battle Droids, however.

Cara Dune is from Alderaan. As part of Moff Gideon’s helpful exposition, we learned the former Rebel shock trooper played by Gina Carano was from the doomed planet destroyed by the Empire’s Death Star in A New Hope.

Greef Karga is a disgraced magistrate. So Carl Weathers character was a former lawman of sorts.

Moff Gideon’s backstory: “Moff” is a rank so we already knew Giancarlo Esposito’s character was a former Imperial regional governor. Now we learn he was also a Imperial Security Bureau officer (which is like the Imperial KGB) during The Purge of Mandalore. Also, he was supposed to have been executed for war crimes.

Gideon has the Darksaber! This is a biggie. The Darksaber is an ancient one-of-a-kind black lightsaber created by Tarre Vizslam — the first Mandalorian inducted into the Jedi Order. The weapon passed through various characters in its long history (including Darth Maul). Bo-Katan Kryze from The Clone Wars was the last known holder of the weapon. The finale suggests Gideon stole the Darksaber during The Purge of Mandalore.

And the two cameos were the actors who played the bantering, Baby Yoda-punching Scout Troopers in the opening scene: Jason Sudeikis (SNL, We’re the Millers) and Adam Pally (The Mindy Project).

There are also at least a couple huge burning questions left too — rather key questions that are being held for season 2 (or beyond).

What’s up with Baby Yoda? The season repeatedly teased Baby Yoda’s backstory and why Gideon was so obsessed with The Child, but that surprisingly wasn’t further illuminated in the finale.

Who was the booted figure at the end of Episode 5? Everybody seems convinced that was Boba Fett, but the figure did not make a second appearance this season.

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