All we want for Christmas is to go back to our favorite paper company — but would the cast of The Office ever make our dreams come true?

The question came up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, when guest host Ellie Kemper welcomed her former co-workers — make that Office costars — Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey to the stage.

Real-life best friends Fischer and Kinsey came on the show to talk about their recently launched podcast Office Ladies, where they break down each episode of the beloved sitcom — which ran for 201 episodes, from 2005 to 2013 — with each other and some of their old Dunder Mifflin pals.

This is the perfect moment for a podcast to revisit the series, considering “I feel like it’s more popular now than when we were on before — live,” Fischer observed. Kinsey agreed, sharing a story of meeting a teenage girl wearing “a big boxy jumpsuit” at the airport who said she loved The Office and asked to take a photo together. “Then, all of a sudden, my Instagram was going crazy, because this girl named Billie Eilish posted a photo of me and her,” Kinsey continued. “I’m a dinosaur. So I Googled her — and she’s fantastic! She’s a very talented young lady!”

“We’re like two old ladies,” Fischer added, describing her conversation with Kinsey after hearing about the encounter for the first time. “We’re like, ‘Well, she’s very popular with today’s youth! Her music speaks to them!’”

After a bit of banter, Kemper got to the question on everyone’s mind: In this, the era of the TV revival, can Office fans hope for a return to Scranton?

“I would not do an Office reboot,” Fischer said. “But I would love to do a reunion special episode. I’d like to get us all together again.” But her costars are willing to go a little further: “I would do anything they called me to do,” Kinsey said. “So if you want to call me, I’m around.”

“I’m with you, Angela!” Kemper agreed. “I will be there. So Angela and I are rebooting The Office!”

Check out the clip above for memories of Fischer’s annual cast Christmas ornaments, Kinsey’s struggles with her post-Office resting bitch face, and more.

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