2020 will be a big year for mergers and acquisitions on The Good Fight, the CBS All Access series about well-dressed lawyers living through the age of chaos. The best show on television returns next year for its fourth season, and EW is excited to exclusively announce the addition of Emmy winning TV icon John Larroquette to the cast.

As co-creator Robert King explains to EW, it’s an especially bleak time for Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, still weathering various controversies and setbacks from season 3. “They lost their top client in ChumHum, which is our Google,” the producer says. “They lost the Reddick name. They get acquired by one of the biggest law firms in the world. They’re being ruled over, and John Larroquette plays one of these uber-lawyers that controls them.”

John Larroquette
Credit: Courtesy of CBS

Larroquette plays Gavin Firth, a partner at a powerful multi-national firm. A character description proved by CBS All Access describes him as “warm, generous, sophisticated, and potentially deadly.” Given the general apocalyptic turn that The Good Fight has taken, we assume that “potentially” will transform into a “definitely” by the season finale.

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