The producers released a joint statement online to thank the fans.

Daybreak (2019 TV series)

The day will not break again on Netflix’s Daybreak.

The streaming service canceled the apocalyptic teen drama after one season, series co-creator Aron Coleite revealed through a joint letter from the producers released on Twitter Tuesday. A rep for Netflix did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.

“I don’t even know how to say this, so we prepared a small statement,” Coleite tweeted. “Love you all. Thank you!”

Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix

In the statement, addressed to “Daybreakers,” the producers wrote, “We learned last week that Daybreak will not be returning for a second season. We’re so sorry we couldn’t share it with you sooner but also so grateful that we got to hang out in these last few live tweet sessions with all of you. Thank you for picking up what we put down, for running with it in all of your amazing, weird, monstrous ways and for being such an important part of this show and our experience making it.”

Daybreak, starring Supernatural‘s Colin Ford, picks up after the events of a nuclear blast that turned all adults into mindless, zombie-like creatures dubbed “ghoulies.” Among those kids fighting for survival in the wasteland that was their former high school stomping grounds were Josh Wheeler (Ford), Wesley Fists (Austin Crute), and Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind).

“Here at Daybreak we don’t say we love you. We say ‘you’re a s—.’ We say ‘let’s be monsters,'” the statement continues. “So be s—s, be monsters, give ’em Hell. Most importantly, keep being you. No one is as heartbroken as we are that we can’t share more of this ride with you. But we’re so grateful to have gotten to bring it this far. Thank you for riding with us, for your voices, your enthusiasm, your memes, your fart jokes, and your unashamed crazy. We’ll see you out there.”

Ford addressed the news briefly on Instagram, seemingly trying to spark a “#savedaybreak” movement.

“When Sam says no to Josh… You get the same feeling when you find out there’s not gonna be a season 2… #savedaybreak,” he wrote.

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