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Here’s another wrinkle in the question of whether Watchmen will get a second season.

Sunday’s finale, “See How They Fly,” earned the drama its highest overnight ratings of the season. A total of 1.6 million viewers watched across all HBO platforms, up 19 percent from the prior week. Moreover, Watchmen is averaging about 7 million viewers per episode after all forms of viewing are counting (like DVR and delayed On Demand streaming), making it HBO’s most-watched debut season of a show since Big Little Lies in 2017.

When trying to decide whether to renew a pricy and ambitious drama series with very-good-if-not-massive ratings, this kind of finale trending is exactly what a network tends to hope for.

Watchmen Finale
Credit: Mark Hill/HBO

Showrunner Damon Lindelof gave EW a detailed answer to the second season question which more-or-less amounts to, 1) He doesn’t currently have an idea for a season 2 and might not ever; 2) He feels the season stands on its own; and 3) Another showrunner could, in theory, take over the franchise. Read his full reply.

HBO, meanwhile, in its ratings release dubbed Watchmen season 1 the show’s “premiere season.”

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