This week on EW's Best of Shows podcast, 'The Good Fight' creators (and major TV fans) Robert and Michelle King name their favorite shows of the decade.
The Kings Best TV of the Decade
Credit: FOX; Ursula Coyote/AMC; Patrick Harbron /FX

How do you celebrate the holidays? For those of us at EW, we do it by making lists, and then recording podcasts about those lists. Over the past several weeks, my fellow TV critic Darren Franich and I have been sharing our picks for the best TV of the decade on our Best of Shows podcast — we’ve counted down the best comedies, the best reality shows, the best series finales, and even the absolute worst TV of the 2010s.

For our final Best of Shows episode of the year, Darren and I will reveal the best dramas of the decade — but this time, we won’t be alone! Robert and Michelle King, genius creators/showrunners of such superb series as The Good Wife, The Good Fight, and the new (and incredibly creepy) CBS drama Evil, join us to share their picks for the best TV shows of the decade. In addition to making a living creating brilliant television, the Kings are major TV fans themselves and they somehow find the time to watch a lot of TV, too. Here’s a sneak preview of what the Kings had to say:

Breaking Bad (AMC)
“I think Vince Gilligan’s a genius. The writing there is so smart,” says Michelle King. “That premise in anybody else’s hands would have been so hackneyed, and yet in his was so subtle.”

The Americans (FX)
“I couldn’t think of a more difficult premise, and then to add so much emotion and danger to a premise,” says Robert King. “The Americans and Breaking Bad were really done on very tight budgets, and both turned smallness into an asset.”

To hear the full conversation with the Kings (the interview begins at 1:08:46) — and to hear which shows Darren and I chose as the best dramas of the decade — press play below. You can also listen and subscribe to EW’s Best of Shows podcast at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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