Lube Man has been hiding in plain sight the whole time.

HBO’s official Watchmen companion documents heavily hint at the identity of the mysterious Lube Man after the show’s season finale — and he may have been hiding in plain sight.

As showrunner Damon Lindelof explained in EW’s post-finale interview, “I would say Lube Man is one of those things that delighted us to no end in the writers’ room even though it was going to be just five minutes in the show. We talked a lot about who he was and where he came from and why he was dressed the way that he was dressed. But we were like: This is just going to be a scene in episode 4 that’s in the midst of other insane things happening. We did not expect him to resonate in the way that he has and we’re thrilled that he did. I will just direct the readers to the final Peteypedia entry. For those not familiar with Peteypedia, it is our ancillary materials written by mostly [Watchmen writer and former EW staff writer] Jeff Jensen and other writers as well. The Peteypedia will have its finale moments after the finale airs. I will not give you a definitive answer to your question, but I will say all the clues are there to reach the obvious conclusion.”

Watchmen Finale
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Peteypedia is written as a series of FBI reports by Agent Dale Petey — Dustin Ingram’s character who joined Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) in her Tulsa investigation. The character was a fanboy of masked avengers and dropped off the map in the final arc of the season.

The final Peteypedia report is not written by Petey but rather a Deputy Director Farragut who announces Petey is no longer with the FBI and slams his previous “meandering, self-indulgent memos.” The final report notes that an inspection of Petey’s office found “a jug of what appears to be some kind of canola oil.” Furthermore, Petey “has now gone missing” and “is at risk for vigilante behavior.” A previous Petey entry had the agent writing of a “skin-tight silver suit shimmering with SPF-666,” a gel that prevents burns.

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The memo also assures Agent Blake is fine by the way.

So there you have it: Agent Dale Petey is almost certainly Lube Man, and we encourage you to read all the memos to get a sense of his off-screen mental journey this season.

For more, here is Lindelof answering 9 burning questions about the finale (including why Dr. Manhatten let himself be killed) and discussing why season 2 might not happen.

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