Katarina, you've got some explaining to do!

Last week’s episode of The Blacklist ended with Liz Keen pointing a gun at her nanny, who turned out to actually be her lethal super-spy mother, Katarina Rostova. Now, you can watch their first real conversation from the fall finale.

In the scene, Katarina (Laila Robins) – who executive producer John Eisendrath called “the most significant Blacklister we’ve ever had” – threads the needle between super spy and loving mother in the first real interaction with her daughter. Unfortunately, it does not end well for Liz (Megan Boone), even if she started with the upper hand.

Liz is filled with both excitement and anger when she walks into the room, according to Eisendrath, because while she has grown to like her new neighbor, this woman has lied and gotten close to Liz’s family, partly in order to get information on Red (James Spader). “She is enraged that someone would get near her daughter under false pretenses and potentially put her daughter in harm’s way,” he added, “And the fact that that someone is her mother is even more agonizing for Liz.”

Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Understandably, Liz does not trust her mother, but she also has always wanted to know the woman who brought her into this world, spy or not. Katarina says she wants to get to know Liz, which may be true, but “Liz is her access point to Red’s orbit,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp told EW. “It’s more about using Liz to try to get information and trying to get answers about Reddington.” Both could be true, after all, Katarina is a very complicated woman.

So far this season, Reddington has been the obstacle keeping them apart. He’s known of Katarina’s return since she kidnapped him in the season 6 finale, but he never told Liz. And for good reason, Bokenkamp told us what Katarina is after “could unravel everything he’s been doing for the past six and now seven years.”

Liz may have lost this round with her mom, but this thing isn’t over yet. As Eisendrath told EW, Katarina “will have a deep impact on Liz and on everything that Liz believes in season 7,” so, in the end, Red could be the one who loses everything.

The Blacklist fall finale airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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