Sorry, mom.

In the game of True Confessions, Jimmy Fallon asks his guests of The Tonight Show to make a wild statement while he guesses whether or not it’s true. Ryan Reynolds used this opportunity to share an embarrassing story about his mom.

“My mom once washed her hands with a urinal cake,” he said.

Apparently, Mrs. Reynolds was at a funeral about two months ago just outside of Vancouver and she had to go to the bathroom in a porta potty. This porta potty had a “space-age little urinal” with a urinal cake in it “that could very easily be confused as a sink,” the actor explained. “And she accidentally used the urinal cake, washing her hands.”

Though Fallon and his other guest Camila Cabello thought it was a lie, this was a true story, according to Reynolds.

Another surprise of the evening, Cabello duped Reynolds and Fallon. She weaved together a story about how she lost Taylor Swift’s cat, but that turned out to be a lie. It’s all part of the rollercoaster that is True Confessions.

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