The Voice - Season 14

Need a little soothing in the midst of all the holiday stress?

The Voice is here to help you through the holidays with this exclusive video of Kelly Clarkson and John Legend trying out some ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) tactics. The two speak in soft, calming voices and bring out some props to produce repetitive sounds.

Both Clarkson and Legend are slightly skeptical about ASMR initially. Clarkson jokes, “I know nothing about ASMR. Someone showed me a video, and I was like, ‘What the hell is happening? And why is this so popular?’ But then I thought, sure, I’ll do it.”

Legend references his wife, Chrissy Teigen, explaining that she’s a big fan of ASMR, but he doesn’t really understand the point. “I think it calms people down, but I may be the calmest person on earth already,” he quips.

The two have lots of fun with the project, making sounds with Clarkson’s Team Kelly Voice jacket and a bottle of Legend’s LVE wine. But then there’s the moment we’re all waiting for: The duo sing. They deliver a soothing ASMR version of “Jingle Bells” before urging viewers to “embrace their inner John Legend” (because after all, he’s like this all the time).

Clarkson and Legend are serving as judges on this season of The Voice, and each will have a contestant competing on next week’s two-part finale, airing Monday and Tuesday on NBC. Watch the ASMR video above.

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The Voice - Season 14
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