Credit: Ed Herrera/Disney Channel

In the newly united town of Seabrook, it appears chivalry is undead.

Seabrook High School’s zombie football star, Zed (Milo Manheim) makes a grand gesture in this sneak peak of Disney Channel’s Zombies 2. He asks his girlfriend and cheerleader, Addison (Meg Donnelly) to “Prawn,” which is basically a jumbo prom. Zed catches Addison’s school bus with a series of billboards spelling out “Will you go to prawn with me?” But he almost gets run over in the process.

That near-death(?) experience is the least of the young couple’s problems. A pack of teen wolves with Willa (Chandler Kinney), Wyatt (Pierce Joza) and Wynter (Ariel Martin) at the helm, come to town on a treasure hunt that scares Seabrook’s city council into reinstating their anti-monster legislation. This derails Zed and Addison’s plans to go to the dance together, which is not helped when Addison finds herself drawn to the werewolf pack in the midst of Zed’s presidential campaign for student body.

The second installment of Zombies, the #1 cable TV telecast of 2018 with kids and tweens will include the original cast with fresh tracks and dances. Think High School Musical with supernatural sensibilities. This monster mash will premiere on Valentine’s Day 2020 on Disney Channel and DisneyNow.

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