Meet flight attendants Ron Googly, Ms. Fisssskkkkhhh (spelling?), and Chuck Yerger.

Keri Russell (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) and Jon Hamm (Richard Jewell) joined Jimmy Fallon in another performance of Mad Lib Theater on The Tonight Show this week, introducing these three goofball characters to the world.

Earlier in the show, Fallon asked his celebrity guests for a series of nouns, adjectives, verbs, phrases, expletives, etc. Then they dressed in character and performed a the Mad Libs-style sketch.

"In the event of a SantaCon, a dirty underwear will drop down from your seat above," Russell's Ms. Fisssskkkkhhh warned. On this "AAAAAAH Airlines" trip, Hamm's Chuck Yerger says the in-flight entertainment is a YouTube clip of Awkwafina's video for "My Vag" and "a bonus documentary of Awkwafina learning how to run." Broadway-caliber stuff.

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