John Mulaney has a new Netflix special coming this Chrismas, but it’s quite different from his past work. Instead of Mulaney doing a solo comedy set in one of his trademark suits, John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch will be a variety special featuring lots of young children. It’s a wild mishmash of references and inspirations (Mulaney even asked Stevie Nicks to participate, though he was met with a hilarious rejection), and the new trailer takes that even further with a riff on Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz.

The teaseropens much the same way All That Jazz does, with Mulaney in the Fosse/Roy Scheider role. Dressed all in black (but sucking on a lollipop instead of a cigarette), Mulaney coaches the kids through their audition and practice. Well, when it begins there are a few adults in the group too, but they all get rejected by Mulaney one by one until finally he announces, “kids, you got the part!” As they cheer, he turns to the camera and announces, “I made a children’s musical special!”

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch hits Netflix on Dec. 24. Watch the trailer above.

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